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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This time is My Life in Singapore

I just got a JOB!! After 3 interviews. 2 at SPH - one at genting lane and the one i went today was the one at toa payoh. Another one was Singtel. Anyway, i went for the interview this morning at SPH, Toa Payoh at all 11am and i got a call from my agent at 1230 telling me that i got accepted. Yay! Although it is an accounting job and i'm a little afraid cause i never did anything like it before. BUT i will try my very best!

We went PS and just nice there were jobs at Yamaha and my sis went for a walk in interview and was immediately recruited as a Part time course coordinator. So both of us got jobs now. My working hours are obviously more structured. Its a 5 day work week. No Saturdays!

The thing is - i got nothing to wear. No real office wear - so hopefully tomorrow i can go and get some shirts to wear or else i'll be wearing the same shirt over and over again. My dad is like - you are going to work not to a fashion show..haizz.. What do you guys think?

My goal for workin this holidays is firstly to gain experience and to subsidize the laptop that i wanna buy!!

My job starts on thursday - although it was supposed to start tml but they had to prepare my work station so they changed it to Thursday which means i will be able to go for my driving lesson tml!

Wish me luck in my job..a little nervous..

Saturday, December 08, 2007


I found something that is so totally cool!

Its available in Australia for AUD59.90

Tell you guys more about it later!