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Friday, November 23, 2007

Going home soon..

I bought lalazhazha from here and i think i have to use my big luggage instead of the smaller one that i had intended to.

Today is the last day of my exams!! YAY!

In Sydney, the weather is a contridiction. It is really really hot BUT the wind is really really really really strong - become really really cold. Weird? I think so too.

There's this really stupid advertisment on telly. At night, after a certain time, there will be loads of advertisments for porn to download into your phone. There is this one that came on recently which asks you to sms to their number and they will give you a porn name. The advert says that the ability to hook up girls/guys and to be able to get a one night stand or something like that is to have a porn name - because your own name is not porny enough!! So, an example they gave for a guys name is "Buck Allnight"! WHAT?! Does that name even remotely turns you on? Weirdo commercials.

Enough of that. I ordered wine for Ivanhoe in Hunter Valley. They have a desert wine which is called "Late Picked Gewurztraminer" which has a lingering taste of lychee. We ordered 2 bottles of that, one for his parents and one for mine. We still have 2 bottles of this at his apartment. - Oh, 1 left actually. I also ordered 2 bottles of "2006 Chambourcin" - This is a french hybrid grape red wine grape variety. If i didn't remember wrongly. Most grapes with red skins to make red wine has "white" flesh, but this grape has red skin with red flesh which gives it a very pretty purple red color. I do not remember from my tasting whether it tasted good or not. I'm just getting 1 bottle for my dad and another for my third aunt's husband. It was supposed to arrive today. Hopefully it arrives by Monday. *Cross my fingers and toes*

I don't like airplane food. Even SIA. Its acceptable. BUT. I experience air sickness which the food does not help at all. Air sickness is felt at my stomach and the amount of oil in the food provided is hard to digest which makes me even more uncomfortable. So, i bring my own food. I had egg may with bread when i came. This time, i made egg mayo here too. I will be having that with sausages - oven baked and the oil, paper towel drained. To make myself feel more comfortable, i bring hot chocolate mix too. Just ask for hot water and a spoon. Also, this time, i will be bringing Mrs Fields' Peanut Butter Tarts. One for me and one for Fish. He eats airplane food though - he will be eating my portion.

The last time when i came, i had guava and jackfruit which i couldn't finish but had to dispose of as Australia does not allow the bringing in of stuff. I don't know if my guava could get through - cause i really love those. BUT. i don't know if Australians know what are guavas actually. I didn't see this fruit here at all so i decided against it. This time, if we can't finish the food on flight, i can bring it all back to singapore to eat! YAY! No wastage!

Going shopping again tomorrow! SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Duct Tape Wallet

This is the Duct Tape Wallet Kit which i will be buying for my younger brother as his birthday present. I guess it's quite cool..he gets to make his own wallet and design it the way he likes so i don't have to get a headache over getting him a nice wallet. HaHa..keep him busy as well.

There is a shop in Singapore and an online shop in Australia that sells..but after calculating, its cheaper for me to buy directly from the website in US since they have more variety as well. This costs me ard SGD$45.

I will be ordering it soon - if anyone is interested in getting one as well. Let me know quick!

By the way - the website is

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am so pissed! don't wanna know how pissed i am at my laptop. It is OLD, cranky and unlovable anymore.

I really want to change to a tablet PC. It has been something on my mind for a long time and there are times where i get persuaded into thinking that..i really don't need a tablet. BUT! This is a classic example of a time where i really want one. I don't know if anyone faces this problem. Here i am doing research for my essay. The pdf file is 30 pages long - i am so not going to print that out. I need to highlight or write SOMETHING on this piece of article and acrobat reader refuses to allow me to do anything like that. So..what do i do? I am so pissed..i really don't know.
I guess maybe on a normal laptop, i could use Microsoft Onenote as well. BUT BUT.. th conveniences of being able to write and work directly without the limitations of mechanical pointers.. I don't know.

This laptop is playing games with me now. It likes to sudden appear a blue screen and restart me comp. WHAT?! never mind. I WAIT. then it happens AGAIN! it's not "feeling" me - you know what i mean? I think it has maybe almost transcended into a stage where it works better as a pillow instead. I'M TRYING TO DO AN ESSAY! oh geezz..

I'm tired, maybe i SHOULD try the pillow thing. *Yawn*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Earring Converters


Most of you should know that i don't pierce my ears - don't try persuading me otherwise - it will never happen..HaHa..

Anyway, i chanced upon earring converters which converts pierced earrings into non-pierced ones. I intend to buy some to try and see if it works.

Also will be buying Liquid Ring Guard - which is like glue that you apply to the back of your ring that is too loose. It can be peeled off whenever you want.

If anyone at all is interested, just drop me a note. I will post another post to tell you guys how it works out when i get about buying it.. =)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I went shopping today with Fish and Louise. I shopped for lingerie and managed to buy a few that i really quite liked from Elle Macpherson and Pleasure State. We were in Bondi and so we walked around the whole day. Shoes in Sydney are quite expensive but i saw some that were nice in a shop but it was closed by the time we saw it - definitely going there again!

I'm thinking of cosmetics. Like...i'm 20 but i've never even tried anything on before. Really tempted to start trying - but just really simple elaborate stuffs. Considering and will see how it goes.

We went Ramen Kan for dinner. Really good. Today i felt like eating rice so i ate the Salmon don. Grilled salmon with rice and miso soup and salad. Their tartar sauce was amazing! I asked for seconds. It was not like the western one. It has finely chopped eggs in it and i don't know what else but it tasted really really good. The fish was quite good too..although Fish prefers the salmon teriyaki from Iciban Boshi in Singapore.

Tired day though with all the walking. HaHa..

Shopping Shopping..

My Grandma

My grandma passed away on the 23rd October 2007 at exactly 4pm. Things can happen so fast and so conincidentially. I was online at 3pm that day and my mum asked if i would like to see my grandma. So she brought the whole laptop and the webcam into the room and i managed to see her. She looked as if she was in pain and couldn't speak. After that, they went offline and at ard 4pm, Shi Hui came online and told me that she has gone.

I was really sad. She was always there for me whenever i needed a listening ear etc.. She was a wonderful cook. She cooks the best chinese food ever.

I am happy though. When i went back to Singapore from the 24th to the 28th, i watched tv on the last night and it was showing the Singapore Cancer Association's charity show on channel 8. It was then i felt happy for her. There are so many people who are suffering from cancer and have to live with the pain and the suffering for a long time - 1 to 2 years. Grandma only had trouble coughing and suffered for less than 3 months. She didn't die the way all of us pictured she would. We always thought she would die peacefully in her sleep - but she did not. She was in pain till she passed away - and that is what makes me the saddest. She didn't deserve that. She didn't and shouldn't have gone in that manner. Still, she suffered short and i hoped...had a very fufilling life. She was always very independent and opinionated. She was a person of pride and dignty. I don't think she would have liked the way she left. But she would have much preferred it. She would want to be a burden and had to be taken care of. Coincidentally, my parents were going to send her to a hospice the next day as we are unable to take care of her properly at home. She would have hated it. She never made it there - but i think she is much happier wherever she might be.

All the conincidences were as if she planned it or maybe it was fate. I managed to see her a last time and she didn't end up where she would not have liked. We never told her how important she was to us and how much we loved her. But i think it was mutual - somethings i guess..don't have to be said.
But i will say it now - I love you mama and i will miss you and am very proud that i had you as my grandma.

Always in memory of my grandma - a wonderful wonderful lady.