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Friday, February 27, 2009

Fly Away..

Have you guys heard this song before?

Isn’t this such a sad and emotional song? It’s Fly Away by Corrinne May.

The tune is memorable and fitting, the lyrics are meaningful and touching, the voice is beautiful and Corrinne manages to transfer those emotions to the song.

A very very beautiful song – although mine is not exactly the same situation as depicted in the song, i still get sniffy and feel like crying when i hear this song and think of my grandmother.

I hope you like this song and i hope it touched you in some way.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seventh Generation

SEVENTH GENERATION is a brand of environmentally friendly household products that really care for the environment and it is by this sentence that they derive their name:

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” – Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

Seven generations may seem really really long and some people may not really even want to think that long – The present is the most important.

I think both might be equally important.

If our ancestors were not thinking of creating a better life for their children and their grandchildren, where would we be?

It is not too far to think. Maybe i’m just really optimistic, but i think people must take an open view to life, sometimes it is really difficult but if we let every single negative thought cloud us and restricts the dreams that we all started with.

We were made by our history, we are defined by our roots, culture and beginnings – whether we like it or not, whether it is subliminal or evident – we are what our history is.  Rather – we are judged by what our history is. Where does discrimination stem from?

When we start something, when we have a good thought, when we help someone – don’t you feel really happy?

The cliche – it all starts with you – if you never try and not give in to initial negativity, you never know that what you’re doing and what you’re thinking is actually making a difference, regardless of how small and insignificant it seems.

Nobody is perfect definitely. I myself also always give into initial negativity. It’s really difficult to change.

I think the most important message is that never be afraid. Your actions define who you are – but who really cares – yourself. I care how i see myself, i care that when i lay down on my bed every night, i am not sorry for the actions and decisions i made. I try to live by these principles, i try.

Of course – the statement was found an environmentally friendly company and i think how important that is. Maybe it’s because of the way Singapore is. We never notice how pretty the sky is, how miraculous is it that the sun rises and sets without fail, how beautiful and breathtaking a vast blue sky looks like. I am always always amazed when i catch sight of these. I can’t imagine us not taking care of our environment and our future generations might not get to see the beautiful rainbows.

Trust me, i’m a freak, i can spend like forever just staring at a rainbow..haha
Fish will so totally vouch for my freakiness…

All right then.. enjoy a beautiful quote on a hopefully beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been long..

Hi peeps..

It has been long since i last posted. Busy.

Came back to Sydney on Valentines Day, started looking for a new apartment the next day.

Had issues with money and after we found one that we kinda liked – it was the best out of all, i had to start researching and comparing cleaners – cause the house was just a little dirty since it was new and had not been stayed in ever.

Then we decided to get someone in to steam clean the carpet – incl deodorising and sanitizing it.

These 2 are done, they are coming in tml – steam clean in the morning and cleaner in the afternoon. The steam clean costs $175 and the cleaner costs between $110-$170. Well, i tried to find as cheap as i could in the small timeframe i had and this was what i ended up with – it’s a once-off thing, so i guess it’s ok.. =)

Finally, there is just one more problem – MOVERS! Movers are way expensive and they charge per hour. But it’s money that has to be spent. We have so many heavy items (Damn..). Did you know that we now have 2 fridges, 2 TVs, 4 study tables, 2 dining tables, 3 coffee tables….We have loads of furniture. But of course, to save money, we’re gonna move all the light stuffs ourselves and leave only the heavy ones to the movers so that we can try to get everything over in less than 2 hours. The new apartment is still at Capella, just 2 blocks down. We used to be in D block and now we’re in B block. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment and it’s split level so the kitchen and living area is separated from the sleeping area.

So hopefully, after the cleaning and carpets are done, we can start moving items over because Fish broke his lease on his current apartment and today a prospective tenant came and placed a deposit on his apartment already. His current apartment is a good one. So, the new tenants want to move in on Tuesday – so we have till Sunday to move all stuffs to the new place. We still have to get the cleaner to come in and clean up his current apartment.

Listen to me rattle…we have been living on take-outs this past week and we are quickly running out of choices and places to get our dinner from. Can’t wait to start cooking! Yeah!

Oh! and another big frustrating problem that i only just managed to solve. My Timetable for the up-coming semester! Finally after days and days of choosing and changing and deliberation, i have finally come up with my timetable.

For this semester, i am taking:

General Ed – Getting the most out of Spreadsheets and Databases
General Ed – Introduction to Australian Legal System
Linguistics – Social Contexts
Chinese – Chinese Cinema
History – Concepts of Asia

Hopefully i don’t do too bad this semester and everything goes well…

Cross my/your fingers!