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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I’m back in Sydney. after a tiring tiring flight. my flight was at 7am. i had to reached the airport @ 530am. and we had a dinner function the night before. so i only got home at 12midnight. and slept at 230am.

Phew. that is all over. i have never slept so much on a plane before.

Anyways ways, i had a nearly awesome time in Singapore. ate loads of good food. didn’t get to meet any friends though. Next time!

So, i’m back. It’s home sweet home…

and i’ve already thought of the first thing i am going to whip up.


I’m sure you guys would have all heard of it before. and i simply adore it. i ate that during lunch on Friday and i so decided that i am going to make some myself.

So that’s going to be my first project.

Stay tune to see if it is a success!

Oh. and classes start this monday.

This semester i will be taking, Generative Grammar, 2 SEA courses and Introductory Japanese 1A.

Can’t wait for the japanese class. though there will be an amount of interaction and hopefully i will have the courage to talk more in class.

That’s that.

See ya!