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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinner dinner and more dinner…

Well..we’re very much into cooking our dinners these days and here’s what we had for the past 2 days!

Days Days Ago

We cooked chicken bake rice. Using a can of Campbell’s Chicken Soup. Smoked Chicken. Corn Kernels. Bits of Carrots. Herbs. Seasoning. Breadcrumbs.



We had a relatively not so healthy meal. We had baked beans fried with spam and corn kernels.


I also cooked a simple soup with just corn and carrots. It was naturally sweet and relatively nice and light.


And..homemade roasted potato chips!

DSC01151 DSC01163

Just these with plain rice cooked in our new rice cooker!


Today was a little more elaborate. Fish marinated chicken thighs and we roasted them in the oven.


We had loads of potatoes left over from we roasted them today.


Since we also had carrots left over from yesterday, Fish roasted them with small tomatoes and marinated them with Italian vinaigrette.


The chicken was relatively moist and had a real good flavour. We reckon that tonight’s dinner only costs us around $10. Also, we weren’t tooooo full.

I made barley water too!


Have a great dinner!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Days in Uni

Back to school (Uni!), people here somehow dun like calling it school – but in Singapore we are so used to calling it school. They (Oz) seem to take offense at it being called school – isn’t it what is it? Weird…

Anyway, yesterday was my official first day. I only had a one hour lecture at 5pm.

Today (Wednesday) is where the bulk of my lessons take place. I had ‘Intro to Australian Legal System’ from 9-11 which then just nice coincides with hui’s break, so we had brunch together. Then i had linguistics from 12-2pm. Met a new friend. Then had to rush all the way to the lower campus for Chinese Cinema from 2-5pm.

Wasn’t heavy – cause all are lectures. I only have 2 tutorials which are on Thursdays.

Every start of the sem, i tell myself, i wanna engage more, i wanna make more friends. I wanna try to be able to speak up more – highly difficult.

I seem to be making a little headway, i hate presentations, but for the legal class, i actually volunteered to do a presentation – not sure if i am successful yet though. I think maybe it has to do with a lot of circumstantial stuffs. Like, the lecturer is really friendly and nice. The subject matter is something i am aware of. She was actually asking for volunteers to do a presentation about different president types. Like the American president, the French president (who i think has unique powers) and a figurehead president – isn’t that the Singapore president? So i thought, why not? Something i had interest in presenting and isn’t way difficult and no one should know it better than i do (in my class!). Hopefully i get to do it – cause it can be considered as one of the assessments where you get to choose to do a presentation or a press clippings file. I would have chose the press clippings file (how boring is that) if she didn’t mention about the president thing where it was for a debate we were going to have during Week 4. I was intending to skip that week though when i saw it was debate. But then i learnt it was 3 volunteers on each side – i heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. HaHa…

So..see how is goes..

Oh, Chinese Cinema was really quite funny. We watched a ultra old film – black and white, no subtitles. It definitely cannot be compared to the films and movies of today but it was relatively interesting. It is called 馬路天使. If anyone is vaguely interested, i found it online. No English Subs though..

We then had dinner at mama teresa again..and i came back and felt tired so i slept till ard 1am and now is 3am..i think i should try returning back to bed. Had a i came upstairs to get panadol.

Night people!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Has anyone heard about UNIBUDS – It is the UNSW Buddhist Society. I’m not like a hardcore follower of buddhism. There are things about it that i can’t it anyone knows..i cannot stand ‘rao fuo’. Which is i think like a form of meditation where you walk millions of circles reciting ‘Amitabah’ in chinese.

I can’t stand bores me to the end of the world..haha

Saying that..UNIBUDS has been like the only society in UNSW that i have even a slight inclination to join. I have been thinking of joining a society and broadening my social network and have a little fun along the way hopefully… but i dunno.. I’m the lazy kind you know..what happens if i decide to join and then never ever participate in any activities..that would be extremely weird!

I think before i join, i would need to have a talk with fish and hui..Hui might be interested to join as well..not too sure about that though..

Fish..i dun think so bah..

But i do need their support if i wish to join. Their talks are like on Thurs nights! I like to go out on a Thursday night because shops close late..

Well..Fish might be ok with it…they have like saturday badminton sessions..haha

Anyway, i dun really know..i dun want to join and in the rare event that i get caught up with the activities..poor fish might feel neglected etcc….. which i really don’t want to see happen and it is an important reason that holds me back..

We’re not the kind of people who craves independent lives outside of our relationship. I mean we each need our space, but we’re not one of those couples who value their own independent lives ALOT. I also wish to do things together with him more, cause we’re all studying our own stuffs etc, which is why we chose a same course this sem: Chinese Cinema which is proving to be kinda fun. So i’m glad. I mean..we go out together all the time etc, but that’s not exactly what i’m looking for. I’m like looking for something that we are engaged in together. But he is like that same person that i am..we would rather stay home and snuggle then go out. HaHa.. what a couple of pigs. HaHa..

You guys must know – we love our babies (soft toys) =)

We have Foggy (mine) and Tiggy (his), they sleep with us at night. I’ve grown highly attached to foggy. He’s a little like a security blanket, i’ve slept with him every night for more than 2 years – imagine my attachment! He goes on the plane with me and we obviously do imaginary talk and he has his own character etc.. We’re totally in love with foggy and tiggy..haha.. i could write an entire post on them.

We love you just lie around and play with them – which we do really more than we should – sometimes that seems more attractive to me than going shopping etc.

I’m not trying to break that..because i love that. I’m just trying to look for something outside that. It’s a little hard to tell ppl what we are doing all day.

So, i guess i’ll talk to fishie tml and see what he says, might need a little persuading though..we’ll see..

OH OH OH..i’m gonna do another post on my first days back to uni!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I only have a one hour lecture on Tuesdays from 5-6pm. Was intending to just skip it but guess what?! Firstly, the lecturer is really cool and interesting. Secondly, she has 4 pop quizzes during lectures – we never know when – each is worth 5%, so totalling 20%!

Shi Hui crashed the lecture to accompany me so we had dinner together later at Mama Teresa. Had a great dinner!

We weren’t too hungry, so we decided to share. We ordered garlic bread (They have the best garlic bread ever! They bake their own bread even!), Grilled mushroom and vegetables tower (This was on the specials board), Spag Aglio Olio and Chocolate Mousse.

The Aglio Olio was beautiful! It is oily, but the oil is a beautiful orange colour which is attributed to the chilli – it’s a wonderful wonderful dish. It will definitely be what i will order when i return! The Grilled mushroom and veg tower was simple and beautifully grilled and it tasted really light and a great entree.

Hope you guys had a great dinner too!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rental Problems

I never knew how much trouble renting apartments can be..

I am so upset and angry..but i don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m sick and this is adding too much trouble ever!

I am renting from Carrington Group. They are in charge of the Capella apartments. Just to send a shout out.. If you have a choice, never rent apartments from them. You will just kill yourself. Believe Me.

Anyone who is renting or going to rent apartments regardless of agents, should make sure they fill in your condition reports properly. Do a DVD of the whole house if necessary. I made the mistake of being too kind and not filling in ultra-detailed and so causing much much problems for myself.

Anyways, i had a good dinner tonight. Me and Fish made Ikea meatballs with the sauce and lingonberry jam. We also made a simple pasta with store bought sauce – Fish was the sweetest! He bought an extra garlicky tomato sauce! He also bought 5 potatoes which we peeled and chopped and roasted them with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. Wonderful dinner – First time really that we cooked our dinner. I think we should do grocery shopping tml!

Uni is starting this coming week. I’m kinda anxious, kinda nervous, kinda don’t feel like going, kinda can’t wait…i don’t know..confusing.. =)

By the way, did i mention that for the first 1/2 of the semester, i only have 2 days of school?! HaHa.. i took a general education course that only runs for the second half of the semester.

Anyway..have a great weekend!