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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Has anyone heard about UNIBUDS – It is the UNSW Buddhist Society. I’m not like a hardcore follower of buddhism. There are things about it that i can’t it anyone knows..i cannot stand ‘rao fuo’. Which is i think like a form of meditation where you walk millions of circles reciting ‘Amitabah’ in chinese.

I can’t stand bores me to the end of the world..haha

Saying that..UNIBUDS has been like the only society in UNSW that i have even a slight inclination to join. I have been thinking of joining a society and broadening my social network and have a little fun along the way hopefully… but i dunno.. I’m the lazy kind you know..what happens if i decide to join and then never ever participate in any activities..that would be extremely weird!

I think before i join, i would need to have a talk with fish and hui..Hui might be interested to join as well..not too sure about that though..

Fish..i dun think so bah..

But i do need their support if i wish to join. Their talks are like on Thurs nights! I like to go out on a Thursday night because shops close late..

Well..Fish might be ok with it…they have like saturday badminton sessions..haha

Anyway, i dun really know..i dun want to join and in the rare event that i get caught up with the activities..poor fish might feel neglected etcc….. which i really don’t want to see happen and it is an important reason that holds me back..

We’re not the kind of people who craves independent lives outside of our relationship. I mean we each need our space, but we’re not one of those couples who value their own independent lives ALOT. I also wish to do things together with him more, cause we’re all studying our own stuffs etc, which is why we chose a same course this sem: Chinese Cinema which is proving to be kinda fun. So i’m glad. I mean..we go out together all the time etc, but that’s not exactly what i’m looking for. I’m like looking for something that we are engaged in together. But he is like that same person that i am..we would rather stay home and snuggle then go out. HaHa.. what a couple of pigs. HaHa..

You guys must know – we love our babies (soft toys) =)

We have Foggy (mine) and Tiggy (his), they sleep with us at night. I’ve grown highly attached to foggy. He’s a little like a security blanket, i’ve slept with him every night for more than 2 years – imagine my attachment! He goes on the plane with me and we obviously do imaginary talk and he has his own character etc.. We’re totally in love with foggy and tiggy..haha.. i could write an entire post on them.

We love you just lie around and play with them – which we do really more than we should – sometimes that seems more attractive to me than going shopping etc.

I’m not trying to break that..because i love that. I’m just trying to look for something outside that. It’s a little hard to tell ppl what we are doing all day.

So, i guess i’ll talk to fishie tml and see what he says, might need a little persuading though..we’ll see..

OH OH OH..i’m gonna do another post on my first days back to uni!

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