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Friday, August 31, 2007 Darling!

I've never formally introduced you guys to my darling before..This is my FOGGY! My cutie little doggy! He's so cute isn't he? =)

Remember to tell me how you guys like the Lacoste Jacket! =)

My school!

Some has asked to see my this is a very poor picture of the entrance of my school. Very pretty..though my picture does not do it justice. HaHa..This is a tree outside my school, on the way home. UNSW is opposite Randwick Racecourse. It stinks of horse shit! HaHa..Pretty Pretty? HaHa..

Me Me and more Me!

HaHa..these are pictures of me! A nice one and a scary one! HaHa..i'm mad..i know..hehe..All Fish's work of art!
I am uploadin loads of pictures tonight, so there's loads to see! Yeah! HaHa..I'm an idiot lah, very stressed with school work etc loads of assignments..haiz..So i'm going CRAZY!! HaHa..

The Lacoste Jacket!

Hopefully you guys can see..i took these pictures earlier just now in the Lacoste section in Myers and i kinda like it..though its awfully bright in color..Do you guys think that it is nice? =)

A Friday

Today was...good

I was actually tired when i slept last night and had no trouble sleeping at all! I had a few nights of tough sleep..couldn't get to bed.

We had lunch with Louise at a Chinese restaurant across the road which was really quite nice. It was cheaper than the Golden Kingdom restaurant downstairs - which is really really good - maybe even better - but cause its at a more prime location, its more expensive. Though we always order take aways from there as its a 20% discount and the waiters are very nice.

The new place we went to is called Sun Sung Restaurant which we found out that they do home delivery as well!

So..we then decided to go to Bondi Junction and we bought a cheap rice cooker today from Myers which costed $34.95 before discount and since they were having a 10% discount on their small electronic appliances, we got it for $31.95. Louise bought one too! So we can cook rice and get delivery for freshly cooked chinese food! We had a very good lunch today.

Louise was looking for a new bag as her zip came off..looked at a lot and finally found one at Espirit. I saw a beautiful beautiful jacket from Lacoste. I took a picture of it actually...but it costs 400 and its in bright pink which is very very nice though..AHH

Oh..and i'm uploading all my pictures from my handphone..will show you guys in the next post..which..will happen now.. =) See ya!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy Busy

It has been long since i last posted. Tired, busy.

My pillow is the has no support what so ever and i wake up every morning with an aching back and shoulders. Makes me very tired throughout the day. I want to buy a new pillow. The thing with Australians is .. i think that they like soft pillows..cause literally all their pillows are soft and the firm ones are 60 over dollars. KILL ME! I will consider though.

These days have been really really busy. I am now rush reading Coriolanus - the Shakespearean text for me course. Also have to rush read all the different readings and journals online and books on Coriolanus. My 2000 word essay is due in 4 weeks and next week i have to go for a counsultation with my tutor on my i have to know something and have written something! The consultation is 10% of my final grade.

I also have my linguistic assignment to hand up on the 3rd Sept. There are around 6 questions. The first 3 are managable..the next 3 are so difficult i think i will cry. Who can help me with historial linguistics..please! HaHa..So i'm awfully busy..and i need to go to Coles - the supermarket to get groceries. And i need to finish reading Coriolanus which i am only at Act 1 Scene 4! Eleen should know how horrid this is..WAAA..

The weather here is still cold..starting to rain now..I prefer this weather - natural air conditioner. Heard summer is hot!

Going to study now..buai.. =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures that should have been up

So..This is the Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker that Fish bought for me. It is really quite cool. I can't wait to use it! It costs AUD$39.90. It is actually like a bottle with the lower half being screwed on (if you know what i mean). Then in the lower half, there is a small - not very - ceramic ball, which acts as the pestle and the whole bottle is the mortar. You can do vinaigrettes or oils etc in it.

This are the 2 alcohols that we bought. The one on the left hand side with a pretty hue of purple is the Blackcurrant Vodka and the one on the other side is the Pink Peach Schnapps. I tried them both on their own at the shop where you can taste which ever type you like and the vodka one has a much stronger stinging taste. has 21% alcohol. The taste of blackcurrant or the peach or the walnut in the other drink i talked abt in my previous post are all very authentic. They don't taste like some artifical flavouring but they all blend in very well and it actually excites your can smell it and the taste just fills your whole mouth. Very nice. Though, i'm not too good an alcohol i am only able to drink a wee bit. It can be mixed with lemonade or sprite etc.. Oh..and i like Kahlua with milk too..haha..learnt that from Fish. Kahlua is a coffee liquor. Although i don't drink coffee..this is good. =)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today was so cold.. The weather changes every week.. Just last sunday i woke up feeling so hot that i felt dizzy - exageration of course - but..monday was so cold..and it just went down from there. From lowest temperatures of 11 last week to 5 degrees tomorrow. I like it cold, but i somehow don't like it too. Makes my teeth chatter..haha.

Anyway, busy studying. Have an 1200 word essay due this coming monday for literature - on 1 single poem. Kill me! Also a philosophy assignment due on the coming wednesday. Can you believe it, it is only the 4th week of school and the assignments are due already. Readings after readings. Kinda interesting though. For philosophy i just read Peter Singer's 'The Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation' - Interesting - Good read. =) I scanned it into my laptop, so if you wanna read it, let me know.

Oh, and Fish is thinkin of buying a me thinking as well.. It would bring much convenience and help in my lecture - taking notes etc. Not as light as i would like it to be - i think 2.3kg But, for its price - which is a wee more expensive here than in Singapore - it boasts one of the best valued notebooks you can find in the market. Although i've always wanted Lenovo's X60 Tablet PC, which i far far more like and support. I am a fan of IBM - Lenovo..i dunno..

Oh and i haven posted the pictures yet..sorry..will get to it asap. =)

Do you know their 9pm here feels like midnight. There are almost no cars on the streets - like 1am in Singapore. How awful.

There's a party today in one of my friend's friend's place being the studious me..have to study..

So tata..going off now..have fun! - not really - YOU have fun.. =) though i am having fun at the same time too.. tata..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday at Eastgardens

Eastgardens is a shopping centre quite near us, it requires a brown travelten though. Blue is the cheapest and brown's the second.

We had dinner first - i had KFC's new 'Boneless Dinner Box' - Australia, their fast foods are a little different. Like KFC, the fries here are really quite nice, they are more chunky and better fried than Singapore's. Also, their portions here surprisingly, for fast food, is smaller than Singapore's. For MacDonald's, their burgers are smaller, but their buns are very soft and nice. The meat used is more breast than thigh, but their lettuce are much fresher and crisper. Singapore's one seems to have gone limp or something. KFC's mash potato also tastes different..more watery and not so salty and concentrated.

We had grocery shopping and haha..i was supposed to pay for the groceries yesterday as he is always the one paying. BUT.. My keycard(ATM card) was low and i got declined and Fish had to pay instead again..haha

The weather was quite warm's a little colder..
When the wind blows it is cold..but when the sun shines..its awfully HOT!

Saturday at City

On Saturday, Fish, Louise and me went to the City. It only takes a quick direct bus to get to the city quite quickly. It is near Hyde park which is awfully pretty..didn't manage to get pictures though, will take some the next time i'm there.

Our mission was to go to Myer and buy a mini oven. We have been eating a lot of microwave food and cup noodles that i'm quite sick of. So, we decided to get an oven - which costs $60. Fish paid for it. He also bought me a small surprise when we were shopping around. He bought me a Jamie Oliver 'Flavour Shaker'! HaHa..took a picture of it, will post it later as i'm in school now.

So we went shopping for clothes first. Myer is like Singapore's Takashimaya. Smaller i think but much more organized. I didn't manage to find anything much that i liked, so i didn't buy any clothes, Louise bought quite a lot though. We walked around the whole place - Pitt street, George Street.

At QVB (Queen Victoria Building), we went into this liquor store which is very much a novelty idea. We tried different liquors like - Blackcurrant Vodka, Pink Peach Schapps (dunno how to spell) and one that we didn't buy, but was really really good is their Cognac and Walnut. Since we bought 2 bottles, which was on offer for $10 each, after finishing, we are able to bring back the bottle and get a refill on any liquor for $8. I think my dad will like the Cognac and Walnut - in fact i think everyone would. Its their best seller. I will post the pictures when i manage to..hahaha

The good thing about them closing at 5pm is that we get to buy cheap dinner before going home, cause the vendors want to clear their food, they sell different boxes of food for only $4. Which is really quite cheap.

So we went home, didn't buy dinner on this particular day. We set up the oven and since we had 2 pies in the fridge, we tried the oven and ate cup noodles and a pie each. I couldn't finish mine though.

Then i went home, and it's time for bed.. =)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School today.. was confusing. First, i was supposed to meet Fish at the Biomed Theatre, but he went and accidently locked his phone and had no idea what the PIN number is. So..i couldn't contact him...i waited a while outside the theatre and seeing that it was a little late, i decided to go in first, crossing my fingers that he would come into the theatre himself. BUT..he didn't and so..i was in my Management lecture myself and he, outside sitting by himself..though there were some positive sides to it - i managed to concentrate during lecture and him - getting his readings done. =)

Then the last lesson which is Philosophy tutorial from 3-4pm was confusing. Today was talking about arguments - what makes a argument sound or valid? So how we test an argument as valid or not? it made me awfully confused. Try this: Only artists are creative.Therefore, all artists are creative. Is this a valid argument? I think the answer was no..but as the lesson went got more and more until now..i don't think i have the answer as yet..but i will let you know if i ever manage to get the right answer. =) i'm sitting at my table, doing my Linguistics tutorial for tomorrow. We're doing Speech Acts and Conversation and have just started on Language Universals and language typology. Yay! Can't wait. Linguistics really quite fun and very informative. I LIKE!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Darling Harbour..

Hello! I took these pictures at Darling Harbour quite some time ago when i went there with Fish's parents and Louise. We had lunch at a restaurant called 'Blue Fish Cafe' and it was quite good. We ordered a meal which came with a complimentary dessert. Do not expect what you would in Singapore - a tiny scoop of ice cream. I didn't get a picture, but it was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with vanilla seeds in it and a big slice of chocolate cake - not the normal type - like mud cake or something. It was attractively presented, like something we would order out of a menu and not be complimentary.

Darling Harbour was beautiful. The best thing was the sky...the clouds and the colors are beautiful - everyday. Darling Harbour is near Chinatown and the City which is a short ride away from school, so there are plentiful to eat and see and shop - with Paddy's market being nearby. Their fruits and vegetables are cheapest compared to supermarkets and is so filled with ppl.

However, we had some bad experiences at Paddy's market. Fish wanted to enquire the price od a samurai sword at a stall with an Asian tending the stall. She was talking to a caucasion and looked friendly. After she finished, she deliberately tried to avoid eye contact with us and her face totally changed when talking to us. We felt that from some other asians as well. It was a complete split second change. We were expecting some discrimination since we were asians, but we were expecting it from australians themselves or caucasions - definitely not from asians. Asians looking down upon their own race? What has the world come to? Such irony..haiz..

However, of course not all asians who have stayed here are like that, there are still many many friendly asians and caucasions - but for the occassional black sheeps.

Starting to get into studying now..loads to read..loads to think..loads to write. =)

Monday, August 06, 2007



I have decided to restart trying to blog..which i have so totally been trying to do again and again. most of you know, i'm now in Australia, Sydney. Studying in University of New South Wales. Doing a Bachelor of Arts - gave up the Bachelor of Commerce (too boring).

It's winter now, so relatively cold, around 10-18 degree celsius. Been here for approximately 1 month - with an ever so affectionate Fish.

There is a huge amount of Asians in UNSW. Quite an alarming amount though, although they are more in other faculties. For arts, majority is caucasians.

I'll try to blog more and load up some pictures of the places that i've visited etc..Keep you guys notified!