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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy Busy

It has been long since i last posted. Tired, busy.

My pillow is the has no support what so ever and i wake up every morning with an aching back and shoulders. Makes me very tired throughout the day. I want to buy a new pillow. The thing with Australians is .. i think that they like soft pillows..cause literally all their pillows are soft and the firm ones are 60 over dollars. KILL ME! I will consider though.

These days have been really really busy. I am now rush reading Coriolanus - the Shakespearean text for me course. Also have to rush read all the different readings and journals online and books on Coriolanus. My 2000 word essay is due in 4 weeks and next week i have to go for a counsultation with my tutor on my i have to know something and have written something! The consultation is 10% of my final grade.

I also have my linguistic assignment to hand up on the 3rd Sept. There are around 6 questions. The first 3 are managable..the next 3 are so difficult i think i will cry. Who can help me with historial linguistics..please! HaHa..So i'm awfully busy..and i need to go to Coles - the supermarket to get groceries. And i need to finish reading Coriolanus which i am only at Act 1 Scene 4! Eleen should know how horrid this is..WAAA..

The weather here is still cold..starting to rain now..I prefer this weather - natural air conditioner. Heard summer is hot!

Going to study now..buai.. =)

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