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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures that should have been up

So..This is the Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker that Fish bought for me. It is really quite cool. I can't wait to use it! It costs AUD$39.90. It is actually like a bottle with the lower half being screwed on (if you know what i mean). Then in the lower half, there is a small - not very - ceramic ball, which acts as the pestle and the whole bottle is the mortar. You can do vinaigrettes or oils etc in it.

This are the 2 alcohols that we bought. The one on the left hand side with a pretty hue of purple is the Blackcurrant Vodka and the one on the other side is the Pink Peach Schnapps. I tried them both on their own at the shop where you can taste which ever type you like and the vodka one has a much stronger stinging taste. has 21% alcohol. The taste of blackcurrant or the peach or the walnut in the other drink i talked abt in my previous post are all very authentic. They don't taste like some artifical flavouring but they all blend in very well and it actually excites your can smell it and the taste just fills your whole mouth. Very nice. Though, i'm not too good an alcohol i am only able to drink a wee bit. It can be mixed with lemonade or sprite etc.. Oh..and i like Kahlua with milk too..haha..learnt that from Fish. Kahlua is a coffee liquor. Although i don't drink coffee..this is good. =)

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