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Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday at Eastgardens

Eastgardens is a shopping centre quite near us, it requires a brown travelten though. Blue is the cheapest and brown's the second.

We had dinner first - i had KFC's new 'Boneless Dinner Box' - Australia, their fast foods are a little different. Like KFC, the fries here are really quite nice, they are more chunky and better fried than Singapore's. Also, their portions here surprisingly, for fast food, is smaller than Singapore's. For MacDonald's, their burgers are smaller, but their buns are very soft and nice. The meat used is more breast than thigh, but their lettuce are much fresher and crisper. Singapore's one seems to have gone limp or something. KFC's mash potato also tastes different..more watery and not so salty and concentrated.

We had grocery shopping and haha..i was supposed to pay for the groceries yesterday as he is always the one paying. BUT.. My keycard(ATM card) was low and i got declined and Fish had to pay instead again..haha

The weather was quite warm's a little colder..
When the wind blows it is cold..but when the sun shines..its awfully HOT!

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