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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Darling Harbour..

Hello! I took these pictures at Darling Harbour quite some time ago when i went there with Fish's parents and Louise. We had lunch at a restaurant called 'Blue Fish Cafe' and it was quite good. We ordered a meal which came with a complimentary dessert. Do not expect what you would in Singapore - a tiny scoop of ice cream. I didn't get a picture, but it was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with vanilla seeds in it and a big slice of chocolate cake - not the normal type - like mud cake or something. It was attractively presented, like something we would order out of a menu and not be complimentary.

Darling Harbour was beautiful. The best thing was the sky...the clouds and the colors are beautiful - everyday. Darling Harbour is near Chinatown and the City which is a short ride away from school, so there are plentiful to eat and see and shop - with Paddy's market being nearby. Their fruits and vegetables are cheapest compared to supermarkets and is so filled with ppl.

However, we had some bad experiences at Paddy's market. Fish wanted to enquire the price od a samurai sword at a stall with an Asian tending the stall. She was talking to a caucasion and looked friendly. After she finished, she deliberately tried to avoid eye contact with us and her face totally changed when talking to us. We felt that from some other asians as well. It was a complete split second change. We were expecting some discrimination since we were asians, but we were expecting it from australians themselves or caucasions - definitely not from asians. Asians looking down upon their own race? What has the world come to? Such irony..haiz..

However, of course not all asians who have stayed here are like that, there are still many many friendly asians and caucasions - but for the occassional black sheeps.

Starting to get into studying now..loads to read..loads to think..loads to write. =)

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