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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This time is My Life in Singapore

I just got a JOB!! After 3 interviews. 2 at SPH - one at genting lane and the one i went today was the one at toa payoh. Another one was Singtel. Anyway, i went for the interview this morning at SPH, Toa Payoh at all 11am and i got a call from my agent at 1230 telling me that i got accepted. Yay! Although it is an accounting job and i'm a little afraid cause i never did anything like it before. BUT i will try my very best!

We went PS and just nice there were jobs at Yamaha and my sis went for a walk in interview and was immediately recruited as a Part time course coordinator. So both of us got jobs now. My working hours are obviously more structured. Its a 5 day work week. No Saturdays!

The thing is - i got nothing to wear. No real office wear - so hopefully tomorrow i can go and get some shirts to wear or else i'll be wearing the same shirt over and over again. My dad is like - you are going to work not to a fashion show..haizz.. What do you guys think?

My goal for workin this holidays is firstly to gain experience and to subsidize the laptop that i wanna buy!!

My job starts on thursday - although it was supposed to start tml but they had to prepare my work station so they changed it to Thursday which means i will be able to go for my driving lesson tml!

Wish me luck in my job..a little nervous..

Saturday, December 08, 2007


I found something that is so totally cool!

Its available in Australia for AUD59.90

Tell you guys more about it later!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Going home soon..

I bought lalazhazha from here and i think i have to use my big luggage instead of the smaller one that i had intended to.

Today is the last day of my exams!! YAY!

In Sydney, the weather is a contridiction. It is really really hot BUT the wind is really really really really strong - become really really cold. Weird? I think so too.

There's this really stupid advertisment on telly. At night, after a certain time, there will be loads of advertisments for porn to download into your phone. There is this one that came on recently which asks you to sms to their number and they will give you a porn name. The advert says that the ability to hook up girls/guys and to be able to get a one night stand or something like that is to have a porn name - because your own name is not porny enough!! So, an example they gave for a guys name is "Buck Allnight"! WHAT?! Does that name even remotely turns you on? Weirdo commercials.

Enough of that. I ordered wine for Ivanhoe in Hunter Valley. They have a desert wine which is called "Late Picked Gewurztraminer" which has a lingering taste of lychee. We ordered 2 bottles of that, one for his parents and one for mine. We still have 2 bottles of this at his apartment. - Oh, 1 left actually. I also ordered 2 bottles of "2006 Chambourcin" - This is a french hybrid grape red wine grape variety. If i didn't remember wrongly. Most grapes with red skins to make red wine has "white" flesh, but this grape has red skin with red flesh which gives it a very pretty purple red color. I do not remember from my tasting whether it tasted good or not. I'm just getting 1 bottle for my dad and another for my third aunt's husband. It was supposed to arrive today. Hopefully it arrives by Monday. *Cross my fingers and toes*

I don't like airplane food. Even SIA. Its acceptable. BUT. I experience air sickness which the food does not help at all. Air sickness is felt at my stomach and the amount of oil in the food provided is hard to digest which makes me even more uncomfortable. So, i bring my own food. I had egg may with bread when i came. This time, i made egg mayo here too. I will be having that with sausages - oven baked and the oil, paper towel drained. To make myself feel more comfortable, i bring hot chocolate mix too. Just ask for hot water and a spoon. Also, this time, i will be bringing Mrs Fields' Peanut Butter Tarts. One for me and one for Fish. He eats airplane food though - he will be eating my portion.

The last time when i came, i had guava and jackfruit which i couldn't finish but had to dispose of as Australia does not allow the bringing in of stuff. I don't know if my guava could get through - cause i really love those. BUT. i don't know if Australians know what are guavas actually. I didn't see this fruit here at all so i decided against it. This time, if we can't finish the food on flight, i can bring it all back to singapore to eat! YAY! No wastage!

Going shopping again tomorrow! SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Duct Tape Wallet

This is the Duct Tape Wallet Kit which i will be buying for my younger brother as his birthday present. I guess it's quite cool..he gets to make his own wallet and design it the way he likes so i don't have to get a headache over getting him a nice wallet. HaHa..keep him busy as well.

There is a shop in Singapore and an online shop in Australia that sells..but after calculating, its cheaper for me to buy directly from the website in US since they have more variety as well. This costs me ard SGD$45.

I will be ordering it soon - if anyone is interested in getting one as well. Let me know quick!

By the way - the website is

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am so pissed! don't wanna know how pissed i am at my laptop. It is OLD, cranky and unlovable anymore.

I really want to change to a tablet PC. It has been something on my mind for a long time and there are times where i get persuaded into thinking that..i really don't need a tablet. BUT! This is a classic example of a time where i really want one. I don't know if anyone faces this problem. Here i am doing research for my essay. The pdf file is 30 pages long - i am so not going to print that out. I need to highlight or write SOMETHING on this piece of article and acrobat reader refuses to allow me to do anything like that. So..what do i do? I am so pissed..i really don't know.
I guess maybe on a normal laptop, i could use Microsoft Onenote as well. BUT BUT.. th conveniences of being able to write and work directly without the limitations of mechanical pointers.. I don't know.

This laptop is playing games with me now. It likes to sudden appear a blue screen and restart me comp. WHAT?! never mind. I WAIT. then it happens AGAIN! it's not "feeling" me - you know what i mean? I think it has maybe almost transcended into a stage where it works better as a pillow instead. I'M TRYING TO DO AN ESSAY! oh geezz..

I'm tired, maybe i SHOULD try the pillow thing. *Yawn*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Earring Converters


Most of you should know that i don't pierce my ears - don't try persuading me otherwise - it will never happen..HaHa..

Anyway, i chanced upon earring converters which converts pierced earrings into non-pierced ones. I intend to buy some to try and see if it works.

Also will be buying Liquid Ring Guard - which is like glue that you apply to the back of your ring that is too loose. It can be peeled off whenever you want.

If anyone at all is interested, just drop me a note. I will post another post to tell you guys how it works out when i get about buying it.. =)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I went shopping today with Fish and Louise. I shopped for lingerie and managed to buy a few that i really quite liked from Elle Macpherson and Pleasure State. We were in Bondi and so we walked around the whole day. Shoes in Sydney are quite expensive but i saw some that were nice in a shop but it was closed by the time we saw it - definitely going there again!

I'm thinking of cosmetics. Like...i'm 20 but i've never even tried anything on before. Really tempted to start trying - but just really simple elaborate stuffs. Considering and will see how it goes.

We went Ramen Kan for dinner. Really good. Today i felt like eating rice so i ate the Salmon don. Grilled salmon with rice and miso soup and salad. Their tartar sauce was amazing! I asked for seconds. It was not like the western one. It has finely chopped eggs in it and i don't know what else but it tasted really really good. The fish was quite good too..although Fish prefers the salmon teriyaki from Iciban Boshi in Singapore.

Tired day though with all the walking. HaHa..

Shopping Shopping..

My Grandma

My grandma passed away on the 23rd October 2007 at exactly 4pm. Things can happen so fast and so conincidentially. I was online at 3pm that day and my mum asked if i would like to see my grandma. So she brought the whole laptop and the webcam into the room and i managed to see her. She looked as if she was in pain and couldn't speak. After that, they went offline and at ard 4pm, Shi Hui came online and told me that she has gone.

I was really sad. She was always there for me whenever i needed a listening ear etc.. She was a wonderful cook. She cooks the best chinese food ever.

I am happy though. When i went back to Singapore from the 24th to the 28th, i watched tv on the last night and it was showing the Singapore Cancer Association's charity show on channel 8. It was then i felt happy for her. There are so many people who are suffering from cancer and have to live with the pain and the suffering for a long time - 1 to 2 years. Grandma only had trouble coughing and suffered for less than 3 months. She didn't die the way all of us pictured she would. We always thought she would die peacefully in her sleep - but she did not. She was in pain till she passed away - and that is what makes me the saddest. She didn't deserve that. She didn't and shouldn't have gone in that manner. Still, she suffered short and i hoped...had a very fufilling life. She was always very independent and opinionated. She was a person of pride and dignty. I don't think she would have liked the way she left. But she would have much preferred it. She would want to be a burden and had to be taken care of. Coincidentally, my parents were going to send her to a hospice the next day as we are unable to take care of her properly at home. She would have hated it. She never made it there - but i think she is much happier wherever she might be.

All the conincidences were as if she planned it or maybe it was fate. I managed to see her a last time and she didn't end up where she would not have liked. We never told her how important she was to us and how much we loved her. But i think it was mutual - somethings i guess..don't have to be said.
But i will say it now - I love you mama and i will miss you and am very proud that i had you as my grandma.

Always in memory of my grandma - a wonderful wonderful lady.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Long time no see

Sorry the long break..haha..

Yes..i went to Hunter Valley..We drank wine and ate cheese and went to the Hunter Valley Gardens which was amazingly beautiful. It's roses were pretty.

This is a picture of the storybook garden! Very pretty and cute!

This is the beautiful rose! There is a Rose spectacular i think around this time to Nov and i really wanna go and see..

This is just a sample of the flowers..So pretty!

We bought an amount of wines - mostly dessert wines. I really like the one from Ivan Hoe. It leaves a very nice lychee taste! We bought a few more as well..

We stayed at the Travellers Rest Motel. The hostess Amy is a very friendly lady and speaks Chinese too..she was very nice. Her husband does the housekeeping and the cooking and is a very good cook. Fish enjoyed his food a lot..HaHa..

We went to Cessnock - the town. The people were quite friendly but there was very little asians there.. literally none. There was this group of teenagers who said konichiwa to us and Fish replied sawadikap..HahA..

We had lunch there at their Thai restaurant and i had Tom Yam Rice. Instead of the soup, its like using the paste to fry the rice. Very Very nice..but i can't really find it anywhere else. I like!

We went to and fro using Rover Coaches. The drivers were friendly and nice. So its not bad. A day tour at Hunter Valley with to and fro costs only $90 including wine tating etc.

So if you love wine, or gardens or cheese..Go Hunter Valley for a day! You'll love it!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coconut Rice

I had to video cam through msn to get my grandma's recipe for this.

However, i do not have all the ingredients necessary. I don't have pandan leaves - so whatever! HaHa..

Her recipe is a little different from others that i've found on the net - as in the quantities.


1 3/4 cup of jasmine rice
270ml coconut milk - i used Ayam's
50 ml water


Wash the rice till water runs nearly clear.
Add the water and the coconut milk. Mine covered the rice completely. Add salt.

I added some chopped onions as well.

Not too sure how it will taste like as it is cooking now.. Will let you know later!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hunter Valley!


I just came back from my 4 days 3 nights trip to Hunter Valley! It was wonderful. Had loads of pictures.

Will post it later! Keep Lookin!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Porridge in Rice Cooker

This is the Porridge that i created in the rice cooker today for lunch/dinner.

This is the final product.


1 cup of rice
4 cups of water/stock
3 cups of water/stock
Sesame Oil


This is very simple, just a little tiring
Wash the rice with water till nearly clear, then add 4 cups of water/stock.
On the rice cooker and let it boil.

To make the rice congee style, just stir and stir and stir - keep stiring - i believe this breaks down the rice thus making it thick and creamy.

When the water boils down and you feel that it is getting too thick, add more water. In total, throughout the whole cooking process, i left the lid off after it started boiling and just kept stirring and added 3 extra cups of water.

When the porridge cools down, it will get even thicker - so adding a little more water while its hot will help ensure that you get the correct consistency you like.

Also, to make it smoother, i added sesame oil while cooking it. Fish also added pre-fried shallots to the porridge while cooking as he wanted the onion flavour as well.

Then just cook and stir and cook and stir till you're happy. =)

Chicken Rice


Garlic - Fresh ones are always the best, i used canned ones
Rice - 2 cups
Chicken Broth - i should think 2 cups as well - but the water level should be half an inch above the rice
Oil - i only had olive oil
Sesame Oil


First, heat the oil in the rice cooker, then add the garlic and fry till fragant.
Secondly, add in the rice and stir it around to make sure that it is coated well with the oil and just fry it for some time
Then, add the chicken broth.
And, youre done! Turn it to on and wait.

I added sesame oil to it after it finished cooking.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Birthday!

By the way ppl,


i shall sing happy birthday to myself - Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to mee, happy birthday to me!


20 year old le lah - so old..bleh

Thank you everyone for being an integral part of my life. =)


I have never been an ultra social person or evn one that make friends easily. I guess this is like my biggest stumbling block in life. I have a great life, but at the same time, it is a greatly secluded one. I have my own circle of friends and i do think and regret that i did not try hard enough during my secondary school days and JC days. I have good friends and memories that i will always remember, but memories are just memories.

I remember the time in secondary school - that was like the best time ever. I liked my school - seriously - I had a great bunch of friends who i had fun with and will always remember - esp from 2/5 and Shi wei, yu ting, shan shan, hui fen etc..

I just hope that i might try harder and forge more relationships with good friends. Maybe i'm just troublesome, just irritating. HaHa..

I'm never as pretty as the next girl, never as smart, never as witty, never as sociable. But what to do? Tis me. - How sad, but oh how true.

I'm lucky for Fish, if not, can you imagine how lonely i would be here? =)

But i am thankful, for the friends i have had past, present and future.

Monday, September 10, 2007


On a lighter note..

I am supposed to be making lunch today. I'm making Chicken rice! Using my rice cooker. Fish is in charge of buying the roasted chicken and peeling it.

I'm cooking the rice and little bits of stuffs. I'll leave the chilli making to him too! =)

Post the pictures and the recipe i will be using later! =)


Tis was a crying morning.

I lie in bed and suddenly i feel like crying. I cried a little before sleeping cause i don't know how is my grandma now. And i cried this morning for an entirely different reason.

There's this stupid advertisment on tv that keeps going "Sorry guys, but sometimes love hurts" How irritating.

Fish had school this morning. When i was lying on the bed i had a flashback. To my previous relationship and i felt sad that it died out and of all the choices that i've made. Though i'll never regret it at that point in time and maybe even forever if it did not end. But it taught me a lot.

I want to cherish every decision i make and every route i take. I learn more give and take. With Fish, things have to be trashed out. He's my little boy..he just needs time to whine and then he'll come through..he'll understand. We've solved many problems this way. and he has been constantly improving. It never fails to amaze me how he can adapt and change so fast after i talk to him about it. It never fails to remind me of how a relationship should be like.

He gave me everything i wanted from him and i don't want to take that away from myself. I love him and i hope that it will never change.

A guy's love for you or ability to love you is not measured by his ability to give you all the riches in the world. Love is both materialistic and emotional.
Even the poorest guy can satiate your need for materialistic wants by admitting and knowing that he might not and cannot provide you. By making up to you in ways that justify the need for that materialistic want. It is the frankness and honesty that you want in a relationship - at least for a true one.

He maynot be perfect, but i'm not either. Why look for a Mr Perfect if you're not one to complement him? Look for his imperfectness - for its that imperfectness that makes him perfect. It is that flaw in him that triggers your love for him.

I love my life now. I am always with Fish, we can have dinners with friends, go out buy groceries together, go through life insecurities together and i think its nice, its great. I have him, i have my friends - though not a lot. We are afraid that once we return to Singapore all these might change. Change as it might, my heart stays firmly rooted. Because i've learnt and i want to make this promise my very last.

He's coming home soon - and then i can get all the hugs i need and want. =)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's weird.

It's weird. Maybe it's not like that - but if more people get the same feeling then it can't just be me..can it?

The thing about coming here is you get to see so many other asians who are here too and you see how people change. There are a lot of asians who have lived here very long and instead of getting discrimination from the locals - the australians, the discrimination actually comes from people of your own skin. They think they are superior just because they have been staying here for a long time and speak with an australian accent. It's weird. It made me more aware of my own roots and how i don't want to become like them. It's sad i think when people abandon their roots and become someone totally unlike them. It's weird.

Once, at Paddy's market at Chinatown where lots of tourists visit and buy stuffs there - it's like a huge pasar marlam (dunno how to spell). We went walking around and Fish was interested in samurai swords. There are a few stalls selling these swords and it was all asian owners. All of them had the same reaction when Fish enquired the price, with a woman being the most obvious. We waited a while as she was serving a caucasion couple. She looked really friendly and that's why we decided to ask her since we had bad experiences with the other stalls already. Once that couple left, she totally ignored us and looked away. When Fish called her, you should have seen her face, it was like a total 360 degree change. She was unwilling and very 'ugly'. We could have just been any other tourist, but the way she treated fellow asians was weird and i couldn't understand why.

Instead of the australians feeling superior towards us, it was instead our own asians who stayed there forever that these vibes were coming from.

It's weird.


There are 2 cinemas that i've been to here. One is Hoyts and the other is Greater Union.

Movie tickets are more expensive in Australia as compared to Singapore, even though they have concession rates for students.

Hoyts is found in Eastgardens. It is $9 for students. The cinemas are free seating, you get to sit wherever you like. Although, the place is much dirtier and not as comfortable - but its acceptable. Adult priced tickets are $12.30 i think. We watched No reservations and Transformers here.

Greater Union is found in Bondi Junction. It is much prettier, much classier and has like GV, the Gold class - costs $36. The student tickets are $12.30. It is not free seating. You can buy tickets from booths which you can choose your seats, they have nice couple seats distributed across the whole cinema so unlike GV where it's only at the back. Me and Fish watched Bourne Ultimatium that day and we sat in a couple seat. It was wide and comfy and much cleaner. The atmosphere was much better too. So is the service.

At both places, they only have salty popcorn. No sweet - sorry to the sweet-toothed. It's really very salty. At Greater Union, there is donuts, fries, wedges etc..more selections.

Although shops close at 5pm, movies don't. The timings are very much like Singapore's with midnight show etc..


We went shopping today with Louise at Eastgardens. Had to do grocery shopping. I am going to use the rice cooker more often now since so much can be cooked in it. I bought ingredients to make coconut rice, my mushroom soup - f you remember from the other blog.

I didn't buy flour, so i hope more cream would do the work.

I bought jelly as well..talking about it, i should go make it now, then i can eat it tml. Ha..i think i shall..

We are also intending to cook chicken rice with chicken stock and onions, garlic and chilli.

We bought organic baby cabbage as we could put it in our noodles. Oh, you can cook maggi mee in the rice cooker too.

And, we bought 4 organic eggs to cook scrambled eggs which you can do in the rice cooker as well.

The weathers still really quite cold now..its started to rain these days. Although, i do prefer this weather as to the summer.

We are considering going to Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley for the Spring break coming up soon. I want to go to the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory. I went there the last time and loved the cheeses they have to offer!

Has anyone been there before too? This is their website I'm gettin excited just thinking about the cheeses!

Rice Cooker Pasta

This is what me and fish and foggy had for dinner last last night. I realised that you can actually cook a lot more stuffs in the rice cooker than you think, This is Macaroni with Spag sauce with etc etc..


2 cups dried macaroni - 1 cup = 250ml
2 cups water
1 cup sauce - anyone of your favourite pasta sauce
olive oil
Cheese! - Any type- if you got the grated ones, good. If not, normal cheese cut up is great too - in fact i like it that way, musch more cheesy
Some extras if you wish - pepperoni

We grilled sausages and little snacks to go along too.


In the rice cooker, mine is a 5 cup capacity rice cooker.
Add everything in except the cheese. Push the button to cook and wait. When the light changes to warm, open and it should be perfect, not too wet, not too dry. You do want to be a little careful as it may start to brown at the bottom of the pot.

Mix it up, leave it to warm if you're not eating immediately or enjoy!

This is really really simple and all you have to wash are the plates and forks you use and the pot. No draining etc.

Although, my macaroni did come out a little softer than i would like, it doesn't really kill.

This makes for a quick and tasty meal.

You could use any other pasta, if its too long, just break it.

2 cups of pasta may seem awfully little - but trust me, 2 cups were just nice for me and Fish.

Let me know if anyone ever tries this! Hope you'll enjoy it!

Friday, August 31, 2007 Darling!

I've never formally introduced you guys to my darling before..This is my FOGGY! My cutie little doggy! He's so cute isn't he? =)

Remember to tell me how you guys like the Lacoste Jacket! =)

My school!

Some has asked to see my this is a very poor picture of the entrance of my school. Very pretty..though my picture does not do it justice. HaHa..This is a tree outside my school, on the way home. UNSW is opposite Randwick Racecourse. It stinks of horse shit! HaHa..Pretty Pretty? HaHa..

Me Me and more Me!

HaHa..these are pictures of me! A nice one and a scary one! HaHa..i'm mad..i know..hehe..All Fish's work of art!
I am uploadin loads of pictures tonight, so there's loads to see! Yeah! HaHa..I'm an idiot lah, very stressed with school work etc loads of assignments..haiz..So i'm going CRAZY!! HaHa..

The Lacoste Jacket!

Hopefully you guys can see..i took these pictures earlier just now in the Lacoste section in Myers and i kinda like it..though its awfully bright in color..Do you guys think that it is nice? =)

A Friday

Today was...good

I was actually tired when i slept last night and had no trouble sleeping at all! I had a few nights of tough sleep..couldn't get to bed.

We had lunch with Louise at a Chinese restaurant across the road which was really quite nice. It was cheaper than the Golden Kingdom restaurant downstairs - which is really really good - maybe even better - but cause its at a more prime location, its more expensive. Though we always order take aways from there as its a 20% discount and the waiters are very nice.

The new place we went to is called Sun Sung Restaurant which we found out that they do home delivery as well!

So..we then decided to go to Bondi Junction and we bought a cheap rice cooker today from Myers which costed $34.95 before discount and since they were having a 10% discount on their small electronic appliances, we got it for $31.95. Louise bought one too! So we can cook rice and get delivery for freshly cooked chinese food! We had a very good lunch today.

Louise was looking for a new bag as her zip came off..looked at a lot and finally found one at Espirit. I saw a beautiful beautiful jacket from Lacoste. I took a picture of it actually...but it costs 400 and its in bright pink which is very very nice though..AHH

Oh..and i'm uploading all my pictures from my handphone..will show you guys in the next post..which..will happen now.. =) See ya!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy Busy

It has been long since i last posted. Tired, busy.

My pillow is the has no support what so ever and i wake up every morning with an aching back and shoulders. Makes me very tired throughout the day. I want to buy a new pillow. The thing with Australians is .. i think that they like soft pillows..cause literally all their pillows are soft and the firm ones are 60 over dollars. KILL ME! I will consider though.

These days have been really really busy. I am now rush reading Coriolanus - the Shakespearean text for me course. Also have to rush read all the different readings and journals online and books on Coriolanus. My 2000 word essay is due in 4 weeks and next week i have to go for a counsultation with my tutor on my i have to know something and have written something! The consultation is 10% of my final grade.

I also have my linguistic assignment to hand up on the 3rd Sept. There are around 6 questions. The first 3 are managable..the next 3 are so difficult i think i will cry. Who can help me with historial linguistics..please! HaHa..So i'm awfully busy..and i need to go to Coles - the supermarket to get groceries. And i need to finish reading Coriolanus which i am only at Act 1 Scene 4! Eleen should know how horrid this is..WAAA..

The weather here is still cold..starting to rain now..I prefer this weather - natural air conditioner. Heard summer is hot!

Going to study now..buai.. =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures that should have been up

So..This is the Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker that Fish bought for me. It is really quite cool. I can't wait to use it! It costs AUD$39.90. It is actually like a bottle with the lower half being screwed on (if you know what i mean). Then in the lower half, there is a small - not very - ceramic ball, which acts as the pestle and the whole bottle is the mortar. You can do vinaigrettes or oils etc in it.

This are the 2 alcohols that we bought. The one on the left hand side with a pretty hue of purple is the Blackcurrant Vodka and the one on the other side is the Pink Peach Schnapps. I tried them both on their own at the shop where you can taste which ever type you like and the vodka one has a much stronger stinging taste. has 21% alcohol. The taste of blackcurrant or the peach or the walnut in the other drink i talked abt in my previous post are all very authentic. They don't taste like some artifical flavouring but they all blend in very well and it actually excites your can smell it and the taste just fills your whole mouth. Very nice. Though, i'm not too good an alcohol i am only able to drink a wee bit. It can be mixed with lemonade or sprite etc.. Oh..and i like Kahlua with milk too..haha..learnt that from Fish. Kahlua is a coffee liquor. Although i don't drink coffee..this is good. =)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today was so cold.. The weather changes every week.. Just last sunday i woke up feeling so hot that i felt dizzy - exageration of course - but..monday was so cold..and it just went down from there. From lowest temperatures of 11 last week to 5 degrees tomorrow. I like it cold, but i somehow don't like it too. Makes my teeth chatter..haha.

Anyway, busy studying. Have an 1200 word essay due this coming monday for literature - on 1 single poem. Kill me! Also a philosophy assignment due on the coming wednesday. Can you believe it, it is only the 4th week of school and the assignments are due already. Readings after readings. Kinda interesting though. For philosophy i just read Peter Singer's 'The Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation' - Interesting - Good read. =) I scanned it into my laptop, so if you wanna read it, let me know.

Oh, and Fish is thinkin of buying a me thinking as well.. It would bring much convenience and help in my lecture - taking notes etc. Not as light as i would like it to be - i think 2.3kg But, for its price - which is a wee more expensive here than in Singapore - it boasts one of the best valued notebooks you can find in the market. Although i've always wanted Lenovo's X60 Tablet PC, which i far far more like and support. I am a fan of IBM - Lenovo..i dunno..

Oh and i haven posted the pictures yet..sorry..will get to it asap. =)

Do you know their 9pm here feels like midnight. There are almost no cars on the streets - like 1am in Singapore. How awful.

There's a party today in one of my friend's friend's place being the studious me..have to study..

So tata..going off now..have fun! - not really - YOU have fun.. =) though i am having fun at the same time too.. tata..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday at Eastgardens

Eastgardens is a shopping centre quite near us, it requires a brown travelten though. Blue is the cheapest and brown's the second.

We had dinner first - i had KFC's new 'Boneless Dinner Box' - Australia, their fast foods are a little different. Like KFC, the fries here are really quite nice, they are more chunky and better fried than Singapore's. Also, their portions here surprisingly, for fast food, is smaller than Singapore's. For MacDonald's, their burgers are smaller, but their buns are very soft and nice. The meat used is more breast than thigh, but their lettuce are much fresher and crisper. Singapore's one seems to have gone limp or something. KFC's mash potato also tastes different..more watery and not so salty and concentrated.

We had grocery shopping and haha..i was supposed to pay for the groceries yesterday as he is always the one paying. BUT.. My keycard(ATM card) was low and i got declined and Fish had to pay instead again..haha

The weather was quite warm's a little colder..
When the wind blows it is cold..but when the sun shines..its awfully HOT!

Saturday at City

On Saturday, Fish, Louise and me went to the City. It only takes a quick direct bus to get to the city quite quickly. It is near Hyde park which is awfully pretty..didn't manage to get pictures though, will take some the next time i'm there.

Our mission was to go to Myer and buy a mini oven. We have been eating a lot of microwave food and cup noodles that i'm quite sick of. So, we decided to get an oven - which costs $60. Fish paid for it. He also bought me a small surprise when we were shopping around. He bought me a Jamie Oliver 'Flavour Shaker'! HaHa..took a picture of it, will post it later as i'm in school now.

So we went shopping for clothes first. Myer is like Singapore's Takashimaya. Smaller i think but much more organized. I didn't manage to find anything much that i liked, so i didn't buy any clothes, Louise bought quite a lot though. We walked around the whole place - Pitt street, George Street.

At QVB (Queen Victoria Building), we went into this liquor store which is very much a novelty idea. We tried different liquors like - Blackcurrant Vodka, Pink Peach Schapps (dunno how to spell) and one that we didn't buy, but was really really good is their Cognac and Walnut. Since we bought 2 bottles, which was on offer for $10 each, after finishing, we are able to bring back the bottle and get a refill on any liquor for $8. I think my dad will like the Cognac and Walnut - in fact i think everyone would. Its their best seller. I will post the pictures when i manage to..hahaha

The good thing about them closing at 5pm is that we get to buy cheap dinner before going home, cause the vendors want to clear their food, they sell different boxes of food for only $4. Which is really quite cheap.

So we went home, didn't buy dinner on this particular day. We set up the oven and since we had 2 pies in the fridge, we tried the oven and ate cup noodles and a pie each. I couldn't finish mine though.

Then i went home, and it's time for bed.. =)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School today.. was confusing. First, i was supposed to meet Fish at the Biomed Theatre, but he went and accidently locked his phone and had no idea what the PIN number is. So..i couldn't contact him...i waited a while outside the theatre and seeing that it was a little late, i decided to go in first, crossing my fingers that he would come into the theatre himself. BUT..he didn't and so..i was in my Management lecture myself and he, outside sitting by himself..though there were some positive sides to it - i managed to concentrate during lecture and him - getting his readings done. =)

Then the last lesson which is Philosophy tutorial from 3-4pm was confusing. Today was talking about arguments - what makes a argument sound or valid? So how we test an argument as valid or not? it made me awfully confused. Try this: Only artists are creative.Therefore, all artists are creative. Is this a valid argument? I think the answer was no..but as the lesson went got more and more until now..i don't think i have the answer as yet..but i will let you know if i ever manage to get the right answer. =) i'm sitting at my table, doing my Linguistics tutorial for tomorrow. We're doing Speech Acts and Conversation and have just started on Language Universals and language typology. Yay! Can't wait. Linguistics really quite fun and very informative. I LIKE!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Darling Harbour..

Hello! I took these pictures at Darling Harbour quite some time ago when i went there with Fish's parents and Louise. We had lunch at a restaurant called 'Blue Fish Cafe' and it was quite good. We ordered a meal which came with a complimentary dessert. Do not expect what you would in Singapore - a tiny scoop of ice cream. I didn't get a picture, but it was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with vanilla seeds in it and a big slice of chocolate cake - not the normal type - like mud cake or something. It was attractively presented, like something we would order out of a menu and not be complimentary.

Darling Harbour was beautiful. The best thing was the sky...the clouds and the colors are beautiful - everyday. Darling Harbour is near Chinatown and the City which is a short ride away from school, so there are plentiful to eat and see and shop - with Paddy's market being nearby. Their fruits and vegetables are cheapest compared to supermarkets and is so filled with ppl.

However, we had some bad experiences at Paddy's market. Fish wanted to enquire the price od a samurai sword at a stall with an Asian tending the stall. She was talking to a caucasion and looked friendly. After she finished, she deliberately tried to avoid eye contact with us and her face totally changed when talking to us. We felt that from some other asians as well. It was a complete split second change. We were expecting some discrimination since we were asians, but we were expecting it from australians themselves or caucasions - definitely not from asians. Asians looking down upon their own race? What has the world come to? Such irony..haiz..

However, of course not all asians who have stayed here are like that, there are still many many friendly asians and caucasions - but for the occassional black sheeps.

Starting to get into studying now..loads to read..loads to think..loads to write. =)

Monday, August 06, 2007



I have decided to restart trying to blog..which i have so totally been trying to do again and again. most of you know, i'm now in Australia, Sydney. Studying in University of New South Wales. Doing a Bachelor of Arts - gave up the Bachelor of Commerce (too boring).

It's winter now, so relatively cold, around 10-18 degree celsius. Been here for approximately 1 month - with an ever so affectionate Fish.

There is a huge amount of Asians in UNSW. Quite an alarming amount though, although they are more in other faculties. For arts, majority is caucasians.

I'll try to blog more and load up some pictures of the places that i've visited etc..Keep you guys notified!