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Sunday, September 09, 2007


We went shopping today with Louise at Eastgardens. Had to do grocery shopping. I am going to use the rice cooker more often now since so much can be cooked in it. I bought ingredients to make coconut rice, my mushroom soup - f you remember from the other blog.

I didn't buy flour, so i hope more cream would do the work.

I bought jelly as well..talking about it, i should go make it now, then i can eat it tml. Ha..i think i shall..

We are also intending to cook chicken rice with chicken stock and onions, garlic and chilli.

We bought organic baby cabbage as we could put it in our noodles. Oh, you can cook maggi mee in the rice cooker too.

And, we bought 4 organic eggs to cook scrambled eggs which you can do in the rice cooker as well.

The weathers still really quite cold now..its started to rain these days. Although, i do prefer this weather as to the summer.

We are considering going to Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley for the Spring break coming up soon. I want to go to the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory. I went there the last time and loved the cheeses they have to offer!

Has anyone been there before too? This is their website I'm gettin excited just thinking about the cheeses!

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