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Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's late. No. Early. 5.44am

Sometimes i wonder. As all humans do. Could my life have been different. With different choices that i make. Relationships that i don't know if i regret or not. Not the current one though. Words i could have said. Situations i should have explained. Time i should have made.

Friends come and go. Would i have more if i stayed? Would they be stronger if i stayed? Technology keeps us connected. By what? Invisible links that lead to no where. Facebook. Friendster. I have. Invisible links i have. Links of the past. Of regrets. Nothing tangible. Nothing real. Facebook it is called. Because that all it holds to me. Just a face. Nothing more.

Blessed. I am. Know what i want. Trying to be different. Trying to make a difference. Maybe that is where i err. Homogeneous is what i avoid. But yet it haunts me. Maybe that's what i crave. But i refuse. i refuse to bow to what i crave. Amends. I make. Too late? I think maybe. Keep trying. Not to submit to cravings. But to fill a gaping hole. My life. My way. My defiance.

My aspirations. Different. My defiance. We only live once. Aims. To fill hole. to fufill my defiance. Stuck. I am. The hole has to wait. I can only continue to defend the cravings that wages war on me. In the dark. In the silence.

Regrets. Stronger. Hopefully.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Range Chicken

I love chicken - used to.

I only ever eat KFC for its Zinger burger because i don't know how to eat chicken with bones. I never manage to eat it clean whch i got scolded for, so i decided to not eat them at all - which thinking back, i am really glad i chose to not eat instead of eating better.

I essentially subscribe to the buddhist thought that all creatures are born with a soul and i try to avoid eating meat whenever possible and when i cook chicken especially - because of all the media attention i guess - i buy free range chicken because they are at least treated with dignity and it makes me feel better when i know that they were not mistreated before their death.

However, free range chicken comes at a price well above the normal chicken, so naturally, i don't buy buy them as much and have only cooked them so far twice.

I avoid eating KFC these days for any reason and avoid eating chicken and i only do eat chicken outside - which are obviously not free range when its worth it - taste wise.

We prefer not to eat KFC for its price as well - At Eastgardens, we can get 1KG of hot and spicy strips of chicken for $14 but 2 tiny pieces of chicken w/o bones at kfc costs $9. Totally not worth it!!

Surely, i also use free range eggs and try to use mayo that uses them too - although i think not free range, but at least cage free.

I can only hope that more people choose to go free range and think of what you are eating and just like what we learnt in Economics about the savings paradox, if we keep thinking that free range is expensive and refuse to give it a chance, the demand is never going to increase and the prices will never drop and become a norm.

Go Chickens!!


Since my old water has spoilt - sort of, i will be buying new water bottles. Anyone heard of Klean Kanteen? It is made of stainless steel and does not leech toxins and retains that great taste of water instead of some weird taste that you might have in your current water bottle now. It is different from Sigg such that Sigg is made of aluminium and some argue that that still leeches toxins so..i decided to go for Klean Kanteen.

I will also be buying this shampoo kit online which lets me make - not totally from scratch though - my own SLS-free Shampoo!

SLS is otherwise known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which can cause skin irritation, hormone inbalance etc.. and the worst is that it is cancer causing. Take a look at the ingredients of your shampoo, it would most likely contain this ingredient because it is cheap to use. SLS is used in a lot of products which require foaming, thats why your shampoo most likely uses them.

Or else, you might find Ammonium lauryl sulfate instead, which some claim is a stronger irritant than SLS.

So..make a better choice, although they are "safe" in limited quantities, why put yourself through the risk of anything at all?

That's what i'm trying to do..trying to use products that are best for me and myself. I feel better knowing that the things that relax me - like bathing - are not trying to harm me in anyway. Get what i mean?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on stuff like these, i'm just writing about what i feel and have read so far. =)

Finished my assignments!


I have finally finished my 2 assignments that were due this week. Had to work through the night for both of them.

Let me ask you: You buy garlic in bulbs right? and then when you wanna cook them, you take out the cloves right? I realise that a lot of ppl dun actually know this and think that the whole thing is a clove. was 1am and they actually showed "The Nanny" on television. Have you guys ever watched that show? Its damn funny and cool..haha

This is a lame post..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello there!


I have decided to start again..changing my blog's name and web address, but leaving the old things in so it doesn't disappear i guess.

Very busy with assignments these days - old english and semantics.. =)

My new web address is

géosceaft is old english for destiny or fate.

Oh, and i realised, ALOT of ppl make the mistake of thinking that Shakespeare etc are old english, they are NOT! Well, if you're interested to know more, maybe i will talk about it a little someday..someday..

Anyway, i hope to be more regular in updates and sharing a lot more instead of restricting myself as what i did in the previous blogs. There will be recipes, pictures of food and all the little things that happen in this world of mine that i wish to record and share with the world. =)

Fréondlufu! - Love to friendship!