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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello there!


I have decided to start again..changing my blog's name and web address, but leaving the old things in so it doesn't disappear i guess.

Very busy with assignments these days - old english and semantics.. =)

My new web address is

géosceaft is old english for destiny or fate.

Oh, and i realised, ALOT of ppl make the mistake of thinking that Shakespeare etc are old english, they are NOT! Well, if you're interested to know more, maybe i will talk about it a little someday..someday..

Anyway, i hope to be more regular in updates and sharing a lot more instead of restricting myself as what i did in the previous blogs. There will be recipes, pictures of food and all the little things that happen in this world of mine that i wish to record and share with the world. =)

Fréondlufu! - Love to friendship!

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