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Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Range Chicken

I love chicken - used to.

I only ever eat KFC for its Zinger burger because i don't know how to eat chicken with bones. I never manage to eat it clean whch i got scolded for, so i decided to not eat them at all - which thinking back, i am really glad i chose to not eat instead of eating better.

I essentially subscribe to the buddhist thought that all creatures are born with a soul and i try to avoid eating meat whenever possible and when i cook chicken especially - because of all the media attention i guess - i buy free range chicken because they are at least treated with dignity and it makes me feel better when i know that they were not mistreated before their death.

However, free range chicken comes at a price well above the normal chicken, so naturally, i don't buy buy them as much and have only cooked them so far twice.

I avoid eating KFC these days for any reason and avoid eating chicken and i only do eat chicken outside - which are obviously not free range when its worth it - taste wise.

We prefer not to eat KFC for its price as well - At Eastgardens, we can get 1KG of hot and spicy strips of chicken for $14 but 2 tiny pieces of chicken w/o bones at kfc costs $9. Totally not worth it!!

Surely, i also use free range eggs and try to use mayo that uses them too - although i think not free range, but at least cage free.

I can only hope that more people choose to go free range and think of what you are eating and just like what we learnt in Economics about the savings paradox, if we keep thinking that free range is expensive and refuse to give it a chance, the demand is never going to increase and the prices will never drop and become a norm.

Go Chickens!!

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