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Monday, January 27, 2014

Aussie Portuguese Chicken!

I love getting my burgers at the Portuguese burger place at Kensington when I was studying in Sydney.

In an old post, I found the type of chilli they use at a farmers market at Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter.

I got min to buy me a bottle back a while ago and I made it for dinner a few days ago. It was so good! It made me so happy!

And it's really easy to do.

Get chicken breasts, pound them till desired thickness. They don't have to be super thin, although some like them that way. Then poke them all over with a fork. This helps to enhance the marination.

Then spoon a few apps of the chilli oil mixture and leave to chilli for a few hours.

When you're ready to cook, coat then with flour and pan fry them till it's cooked all the way through.

I served them with buttered macaroni. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

One of my favourite appetizers!–Buffalo Mozzarella w/ Pesto and Iberico ham

One of my favourite appetizer is fresh mozzarella!

I love mozzarella with pesto but it is usually kinda expensive in restaurants so i decided to try making it at home instead.. and it was kinda good!


So all i did was…

Bought some pesto from the deli, bought a package of Buffalo Mozzarella and some Iberico ham from Hubers butchery.

Put it together with a generous amount of salt and pepper.. and Voila!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

O My Dog!

I recently went to Great World City with Shi Min and we chanced upon O My Dog! which is part of Skinny Pizza.

It was nearing dinner time and i didn’t want to eat a hot dog (even though i would try it next time).

What we did have this time is…


It’s kinda a cute place. and what we tried this time was the Truffle Taro Fries!


It is $4 for a small packet. The taro are sliced into thin thin strips and we liked it! This is definitely something i would order again to eat while walking around at Great World City. Love it! It had a great scent and taste of truffles!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beef Noodles @ Toa Payoh

I really need to know the name of this stall.

I chanced upon this little stall at a Toa Payoh coffeeshop when i needed dinner with my mum one night.

And i really like eating beef noodles – dry, with a bowl of soup.


What i like about this is that the sauce is nicely thickened, there are no lumpy lumps. It is not so thick that you just know they have used too much cornstarch. The texture is great.

Also, while the chilli it comes with is nothing fantastic, it is spicy and sour – a perfect accompaniment.

A normal bowl is $4.50 but fish added 4 beef balls each.

There is a minimum of 2 beef balls for $1.

These are not your common run-of-the-mill beef balls you find in the supermarket. It would seem like these are homemade and are well flavoured.


This is our table for dinner and it was a simple dinner – which we hardly have but i think we should have more often, cause i did enjoy it.

This coffeeshop is located next to Toa Payoh Courts and has a big chicken rice stall – so you shouldn’t miss it.

Can’t wait to return again! :D

Monday, January 14, 2013

Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai @ Liang Court

Liang Court is one of my newest hangout simply because it fulfils my criteria of being a less congested but yet still lively place.

Another big reason is because there are so many Japanese restaurants there!

One that i have recently gone with fish is an Okinawan Diner at the basement of Liang Court.

It seems to serve very homely and authentic Japanese food. This is not a restaurant you go to if you are looking to eat sushi, sashimi and the likes thereof.

One of our favourite items that we have tried is …….


This is a type of gourd which is called silk gourd translating directly from its chinese name si gua 丝瓜. I love this – it’s basically si gua and tofu simmered/braised in a miso based broth. Delicious! I would so get this in a set the next time i’m there.


This is … seaweed tempura. Yumm! It’s not completely crunchy since seaweed obviously isn’t. This is not the thin crunchy seaweed you buy in packets. It’s the soft version. We really liked this since we love adding extra seaweed in our ramen usually. Definitely will order this again!


This is really delicious! Deep-fried mincemeat patties! A little on the salty side, but oh! so delish!

This is what  got for my main dish. It’s fried noodles in a salt-base with a poached egg on top. So i poked the egg yolk and mixed the egg with my noodles! Love it! But i would try something else next time. just for variety sake.


This is what dish ordered – a pork belly set since we heard that their pork belly is awesome. but, we were unfortunately disappointed with this. It wasn’t as soft and tender as we had wished. Fish also changed the rice to okinawan rice which is flavoured rice with mushrooms and vegetables – we like this rice but it was i think $2 or $2.50 to change to this rice.

The presentation is really good though. See how they arrange the veggies to look like a tree?


Definitely worth a visit if you go to Liang Court!