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Monday, May 31, 2010


We all love to eat Tacos. In Singapore and in my old blog, i like to make minced meat with Taco seasoning mix and just eating it with corn chips, sour cream and medium Taco sauce.

Today however, i bought a Taco Pack. and this very very simple dinner. was so delicious.

The pack comes with 12 shells (i think), a pack of seasoning mix and mild taco sauce.

I just fried the minced beef with 1/2 an onion and around a cup of water. You can use whatever minced meat you have – i actually prefer pork but beef works great as well.

I also placed the shells in the oven to heat and crisp them up.

I had 1/2 tub of light sour cream. sliced up 1/2 tomato and a ripe avocado.

That’s all!

Just assemble – piling everything into that warm crunchy shell. Messy and so delicious. haha.

I think i ate like…. 5 shells. and 2 empty shells.

Very simple and fast dinner – especially when you’re rushing for time and you can add more ingredients – lettuce, cheese etc..

** Notice my nails – it’s actually dark purple. but i got sick of it. and now….

How cool are blue nails?! hahaha.. i’m loving it!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ton Ton Ramen Again!

Hehe.. so many agains.

Somehow, we always think of Ton Ton Ramen as a lunch place – i’ve never had dinner there.. it just doesn’t seem to be a dinner place to us. but the food is great.

remember i mentioned in facebook that i wanted to eat Spicy Nira Ramen but it was on a weekly menu and that week that i went it was not available. So i ate Gekikara Ramen which was delicious.

But this time. i went at the right time and Spicy Nira Ramen was available!

How delicious does that look. It’s not a soup.. rather a nice thick saucy gravy. spicy with minced meat and loads (as you can see) of thinly sliced spring onions. Fish also added a boiled egg – just because.

I really like this and somehow, because of its texture – it always seems like there’s a lot more noodles then the rest.

Spicy Nira ramen has minced meat while Geki ramen as nice pieces of fatty pork belly.

I can’t make up my mind. I can’t choose between this and geki ramen. I really can’t choose between the 2. I love both. love love love. how?

Fish always eat the same ton ton ramen. He likes it.


and obviously. Chicken Karaage. 4 big pieces.

To end this all. a baby sized mixed (Vanilla and Green Tea) frozen yogurt.

yum yum yum.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kaki Lima Again!

We went back to Kaki Lima again – i do love their food.

We definitely had the standards that i’ve posted pictures of before such as Chicken Satay and Fish and Eggplant Curry.

They have a delicious dish of eggplant with minced meat – very saucy and delicious. Different from what you would normally get in Chinese restaurants which sauces are dark and very salty and very oily.

Just slightly oily – which is to be expected – but a really good flavour and the eggplant was not cooked till mushy. It was mushy but still retained a firm bite. We all love this! Raj – if you’re reading this – this is what you have have have to try!!

We ordered off their specials menu – 2 soft shell crab in butter. It took very long to arrive at our table – after we’ve finish eating everything else. but it was worth the wait. It was delicious and very meaty. However, the only downside was that it was slightly too oily. I would definitely try the salt and pepper version next time. Only Fish doesn’t eat this. hehe

We had to have dessert. I like this. i feel that it’s a little too sweet. but hui says it is ok. It’s basically sago, cooked and moulded into a round shape. This is then put in the centre of the bowl and coconut sugar and coconut milk was pour over. I love eating sago – so i can’t help it. and i basically love everything coconut. so hehe.. i like this dessert.

We also tried a new rice. They have normal steamed rice, nasi lemak (coconut rice) and nasi minyak (yellow rice).

Me and fish tried nasi minyak – which was translated as yellow rice – but it isn’t yellow. haha. we gathered that it was steamed with star anise at least – because we had bits of star anise (big ones – so they weren’t a problem). I was immediately afraid of it – that it might be too overpowering. but it wasn’t and it had a very nice fragrance to it which complemented well with the food we ate especially the curry i think.

BTW, Fifa world cup is starting soon! I’ll be watching!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fresh Pasta!

So i’m totally into making my own pasta. I have not bought myself a pasta machine yet – and after this try.. i think i definitely will. It’s hard work to roll the dough – especially when my rolling pin is small. It was meant to roll dumpling skins..

I had to hand cut the pasta – so obviously it wasn’t as thin as i liked it. It was quite thick – especially after cooking, the noodles were thick. hehe.

This is my sauce – which is a mixture of sour cream, salt, pepper, gryuere and parmesan cheese. This sauce was left to melt over the boiling water.

A little too much sauce – made it slightly sour. still good.


my dough wasn’t perfect. It was very difficult to roll out and i could not get it as thin as i would like it to.

next time. i will get a pasta machine and make a good batch.

I’ll keep all posted! =)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Gourmet Korean Restaurant, Kingsford

This is the first Korean Restaurant we came to 3 years ago.

and surprisingly, we’ve only been here twice and not for the past 2 years.

but a few days ago, i got a craving for it. I think because it is getting cold. and it seems like we’ve found an old favourite. i hope we will be back soon again!

It’s a very quaint and homely restaurant. Their tables are all for 6 and are these huge shiny wooden tables. i quite like it. It’s upstairs, in Kingsford, but quite far away from the other restaurants. i don’t even remember how we chanced upon it. I think it was on a bus on the way to Eastgardens.

Their dishes are all in sets which only a few side dishes.

It doesn’t look like a lot. but it is quite filling.

I ordered a Japchae Gourmet Tofu Set and Fish ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Set.

We also ordered a side dish of seafood pancake.

My set came with:

Rice – cooked in a stone pot. I really quite like the idea of this. It makes it feel all the more authentic.

My Japchae – the version here is very different and it is here where i ate my first plate of Japchae. Here, it is much soupier whereas others are more like fried noodles. I like this, but it was a tad salty.

and a small pot of Gourmet Tofu. Spicy broth with soft tofu and an egg and seaweed on top. Very nice on a cold night.

Fish was the same, except he ordered Chicken Teriyaki.

He wasn’t a big fan of this. but he really loved the Tofu hotpot.

So, the next time, they actually have their Tofu hotpots as main dishes instead. They have it with all sorts of ingredients, like Beef Tofu Hotpot, which i’m quite sure that will be what Fish will be getting. Mushroom Tofu hotpot etc etc..

We also ordered a plate of seafood pancake. It was huge. but it was good. I had to pack some home. The seafood i find, is better than the one @ Seoul Ria. Their squid is much softer and tender as compared to Seoul Ria and i find myself chomping it all down, although i don’t eat squid. It also has a lot of veggies that Seoul Ria doesn’t.

It has onions, capsicums and carrots.


Side dishes! are of course important in a Korean meal. We had 5 side dishes. Kimchi, Sesame oil Beansprouts, spicy picked something, spicy fishcake and a coleslaw of sorts. Everything was delicious, but these were our favourites:

This is my favourite. It’s like coleslaw and it’s crunchy. It has carrots obviously, but i’m not sure what the other ingredient is. Our first thoughts were Japchae noodles. which i think it is.

Fried fishcake with a spicy sauce – should be made spicy using green chillis. This is quite nice. I really like it and i’ve never eaten this from any other Korean restaurants.

and this is fish’s fav. Beansprouts in sesame oil. I don’t like it obviously. but he does.

and you can get refills of your side dishes as long as everyone eating ordered their own dishes. so if you and your friend are sharing a dish, you can’t get refills.

we got refills for the coleslaw like thing and fish wanted more beansprouts, but they were out of that.

We sat diagonally opposite the cashier, which also has this display cabin, which is where they take the side dishes and bring it to you.

Their chopsticks and spoon have a paper covering over them. which i quite like. somehow gives me a sense of cleanliness.

I like it here. it’s nice and quiet, the waiters are not very fluent in English but they’re very polite and unassuming at all. A bell rings in the kitchen to signal that there’s food to be collected and a waiter goes running over, placing all the food in a trolley and rolling it over to the table. It is all stone pots etc, so it is very hot, using the trolley was a great idea.

I hope we go back soon!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Miso Japanese Restaurant, Sydney World Tower

Miso is a Japanese Restaurant @ World Square which we always go to for dinner.

Fish likes the variety they provide in their bentos. I like their black sesame smoothie. and maybe i found a new favourite.

I’ve never really found a favourite in their main menu – usually eating whatever’s on special. Once, they have Chicken Katsu on special and it was delicious – very well cooked. if i may, even better than their flagship tonkatsu.

I love black sesame ice cream and i definitely love this too!

Agedashi Tofu – we don’t always order this. the thing is. in Singapore, these are made with soft tofu but here.. they’re always made with firm tofu. and i don’t really like that. it becomes kinda dry. you know. that’s not to say i don’t like the one here though.

and of course. always a staple no matter where we go. Karaage Chicken. Ours, especially Fish’s favourite! The ones here are good too! so far i think we have not really eaten a bad karaage chicken in Sydney.

Fish’s Miso Bento. See why he likes it? It has a variety of food. There’s your rice with pork katsu. There’s side dishes of ketchup chicken, salmon sashimi, marinated konnyaku noodles, fried tofu, broccoli, fried eggplant, fried crabstick, fruits, naruto etc etc. He’s a sucker for variety.

and i tried something i’ve never tried before. Sapporo Udon. It comes in a claypot, piping hot. They give you a small bowl which i’m very grateful for. It has salmon, tempura crabstick (which i love), salmon eggs, naruto, spinach leaves, a normal fish ball and a fried fish ball, an inari skin (which is sweet and i like) and prawn. that’s all i think. it’s in a dashi soup base with soymilk. I actually ordered it because it reminded me of the fried fish bee hoon we get in Singapore. Hahaha. i like this.

I like Miso and i hope they incorporate Chicken Katsu into their standard menu – which i’m crossing my fingers for – because i noticed a sign which said that they would be changing their menus soon! Hope the black sesame smoothie remains and the chicken katsu appears!


Ton Ton Ramen! Back Again!

This is quite long overdue.

Remember a while back i exclaimed that i had found my new favourite ramen?

I went back like… 2 days later for it again!

I love it.

Now, for one of my favourite parts of this dish.


What is that? That’s the pieces of chasu that they have in the ramen. Look at that amount of deliciously glorious fats. It was superb! Sublime.

There is only another restaurant i’ve tried that does this better – it’s in Singapore – also a ramen restaurant @ Paragon’s basement.

We ordered 4 pieces of Karaage Chicken – it’s $1.50 per piece. a little pricey i think. but delicious all the same.

Fish had their Ton Ton Ramen which comes with a piece of Nori – it does look quite out of place in the picture. haha.

Shi Hui had their Tempura Udon. I actually love eating Udon, i just don’t eat enough of it. Their tempura tastes great. i would preferred to have them on a dish separately though, as they become soggy quick and there is quite an amount of tempura, so you can’t really eat it fast as well. but i would definitely get them to separate the tempura from the soup.

This is how the place looks – a little out of place. but it’s like a little gem – hidden in a little alleyway. Quite quaint i think. Diagonally opposite it is Azuma Restaurant – a upmarket Japanese restaurant – i’ve not tried it, it’s quite expensive and had a dress code which unfortunately my dear Fish never fits.

Opposite it is a Japanese dessert shop. It sells cakes that look delectable – but i have not had the chance to try it. I definitely will one day. i found something else which is now my favourite desserts though.

At first i thought it was a mixture of green tea and vanilla ice cream. but then. when i saw the colour and tasted it. it was frozen yogurt! I love frozen yogurt – there’s a shop in Singapore called Yummi i think.. or something like that. but green tea was new. I’m not a great fan of green tea – but i do like the subtlety of it. and i was pleasantly surprised because i love love love this.

The vanilla frozen yogurt on its on is great. but the green tea – hmmm.. i feel works very well together. It has a slight bitterness to it which counteracts the overall sweetness – which means i don’t have to reach for water after every single bite (if one calls it a bite) of this wonderful frozen yogurt. and this is medium sized. for just $3.50.

i’m going to the city tomorrow. i think i shall pop in and get myself a nice big cup of vanilla + green tea frozen yogurt!

and that’s Ton Ton for you!