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Monday, May 03, 2010

Ton Ton Ramen! Back Again!

This is quite long overdue.

Remember a while back i exclaimed that i had found my new favourite ramen?

I went back like… 2 days later for it again!

I love it.

Now, for one of my favourite parts of this dish.


What is that? That’s the pieces of chasu that they have in the ramen. Look at that amount of deliciously glorious fats. It was superb! Sublime.

There is only another restaurant i’ve tried that does this better – it’s in Singapore – also a ramen restaurant @ Paragon’s basement.

We ordered 4 pieces of Karaage Chicken – it’s $1.50 per piece. a little pricey i think. but delicious all the same.

Fish had their Ton Ton Ramen which comes with a piece of Nori – it does look quite out of place in the picture. haha.

Shi Hui had their Tempura Udon. I actually love eating Udon, i just don’t eat enough of it. Their tempura tastes great. i would preferred to have them on a dish separately though, as they become soggy quick and there is quite an amount of tempura, so you can’t really eat it fast as well. but i would definitely get them to separate the tempura from the soup.

This is how the place looks – a little out of place. but it’s like a little gem – hidden in a little alleyway. Quite quaint i think. Diagonally opposite it is Azuma Restaurant – a upmarket Japanese restaurant – i’ve not tried it, it’s quite expensive and had a dress code which unfortunately my dear Fish never fits.

Opposite it is a Japanese dessert shop. It sells cakes that look delectable – but i have not had the chance to try it. I definitely will one day. i found something else which is now my favourite desserts though.

At first i thought it was a mixture of green tea and vanilla ice cream. but then. when i saw the colour and tasted it. it was frozen yogurt! I love frozen yogurt – there’s a shop in Singapore called Yummi i think.. or something like that. but green tea was new. I’m not a great fan of green tea – but i do like the subtlety of it. and i was pleasantly surprised because i love love love this.

The vanilla frozen yogurt on its on is great. but the green tea – hmmm.. i feel works very well together. It has a slight bitterness to it which counteracts the overall sweetness – which means i don’t have to reach for water after every single bite (if one calls it a bite) of this wonderful frozen yogurt. and this is medium sized. for just $3.50.

i’m going to the city tomorrow. i think i shall pop in and get myself a nice big cup of vanilla + green tea frozen yogurt!

and that’s Ton Ton for you!


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