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Monday, May 31, 2010


We all love to eat Tacos. In Singapore and in my old blog, i like to make minced meat with Taco seasoning mix and just eating it with corn chips, sour cream and medium Taco sauce.

Today however, i bought a Taco Pack. and this very very simple dinner. was so delicious.

The pack comes with 12 shells (i think), a pack of seasoning mix and mild taco sauce.

I just fried the minced beef with 1/2 an onion and around a cup of water. You can use whatever minced meat you have – i actually prefer pork but beef works great as well.

I also placed the shells in the oven to heat and crisp them up.

I had 1/2 tub of light sour cream. sliced up 1/2 tomato and a ripe avocado.

That’s all!

Just assemble – piling everything into that warm crunchy shell. Messy and so delicious. haha.

I think i ate like…. 5 shells. and 2 empty shells.

Very simple and fast dinner – especially when you’re rushing for time and you can add more ingredients – lettuce, cheese etc..

** Notice my nails – it’s actually dark purple. but i got sick of it. and now….

How cool are blue nails?! hahaha.. i’m loving it!

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