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Monday, May 03, 2010

Miso Japanese Restaurant, Sydney World Tower

Miso is a Japanese Restaurant @ World Square which we always go to for dinner.

Fish likes the variety they provide in their bentos. I like their black sesame smoothie. and maybe i found a new favourite.

I’ve never really found a favourite in their main menu – usually eating whatever’s on special. Once, they have Chicken Katsu on special and it was delicious – very well cooked. if i may, even better than their flagship tonkatsu.

I love black sesame ice cream and i definitely love this too!

Agedashi Tofu – we don’t always order this. the thing is. in Singapore, these are made with soft tofu but here.. they’re always made with firm tofu. and i don’t really like that. it becomes kinda dry. you know. that’s not to say i don’t like the one here though.

and of course. always a staple no matter where we go. Karaage Chicken. Ours, especially Fish’s favourite! The ones here are good too! so far i think we have not really eaten a bad karaage chicken in Sydney.

Fish’s Miso Bento. See why he likes it? It has a variety of food. There’s your rice with pork katsu. There’s side dishes of ketchup chicken, salmon sashimi, marinated konnyaku noodles, fried tofu, broccoli, fried eggplant, fried crabstick, fruits, naruto etc etc. He’s a sucker for variety.

and i tried something i’ve never tried before. Sapporo Udon. It comes in a claypot, piping hot. They give you a small bowl which i’m very grateful for. It has salmon, tempura crabstick (which i love), salmon eggs, naruto, spinach leaves, a normal fish ball and a fried fish ball, an inari skin (which is sweet and i like) and prawn. that’s all i think. it’s in a dashi soup base with soymilk. I actually ordered it because it reminded me of the fried fish bee hoon we get in Singapore. Hahaha. i like this.

I like Miso and i hope they incorporate Chicken Katsu into their standard menu – which i’m crossing my fingers for – because i noticed a sign which said that they would be changing their menus soon! Hope the black sesame smoothie remains and the chicken katsu appears!


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  1. that sapporo udon looks good! wish i could try it :)