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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fresh Pasta!

So i’m totally into making my own pasta. I have not bought myself a pasta machine yet – and after this try.. i think i definitely will. It’s hard work to roll the dough – especially when my rolling pin is small. It was meant to roll dumpling skins..

I had to hand cut the pasta – so obviously it wasn’t as thin as i liked it. It was quite thick – especially after cooking, the noodles were thick. hehe.

This is my sauce – which is a mixture of sour cream, salt, pepper, gryuere and parmesan cheese. This sauce was left to melt over the boiling water.

A little too much sauce – made it slightly sour. still good.


my dough wasn’t perfect. It was very difficult to roll out and i could not get it as thin as i would like it to.

next time. i will get a pasta machine and make a good batch.

I’ll keep all posted! =)

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