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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ton Ton Ramen Again!

Hehe.. so many agains.

Somehow, we always think of Ton Ton Ramen as a lunch place – i’ve never had dinner there.. it just doesn’t seem to be a dinner place to us. but the food is great.

remember i mentioned in facebook that i wanted to eat Spicy Nira Ramen but it was on a weekly menu and that week that i went it was not available. So i ate Gekikara Ramen which was delicious.

But this time. i went at the right time and Spicy Nira Ramen was available!

How delicious does that look. It’s not a soup.. rather a nice thick saucy gravy. spicy with minced meat and loads (as you can see) of thinly sliced spring onions. Fish also added a boiled egg – just because.

I really like this and somehow, because of its texture – it always seems like there’s a lot more noodles then the rest.

Spicy Nira ramen has minced meat while Geki ramen as nice pieces of fatty pork belly.

I can’t make up my mind. I can’t choose between this and geki ramen. I really can’t choose between the 2. I love both. love love love. how?

Fish always eat the same ton ton ramen. He likes it.


and obviously. Chicken Karaage. 4 big pieces.

To end this all. a baby sized mixed (Vanilla and Green Tea) frozen yogurt.

yum yum yum.

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