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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kaki Lima Again!

We went back to Kaki Lima again – i do love their food.

We definitely had the standards that i’ve posted pictures of before such as Chicken Satay and Fish and Eggplant Curry.

They have a delicious dish of eggplant with minced meat – very saucy and delicious. Different from what you would normally get in Chinese restaurants which sauces are dark and very salty and very oily.

Just slightly oily – which is to be expected – but a really good flavour and the eggplant was not cooked till mushy. It was mushy but still retained a firm bite. We all love this! Raj – if you’re reading this – this is what you have have have to try!!

We ordered off their specials menu – 2 soft shell crab in butter. It took very long to arrive at our table – after we’ve finish eating everything else. but it was worth the wait. It was delicious and very meaty. However, the only downside was that it was slightly too oily. I would definitely try the salt and pepper version next time. Only Fish doesn’t eat this. hehe

We had to have dessert. I like this. i feel that it’s a little too sweet. but hui says it is ok. It’s basically sago, cooked and moulded into a round shape. This is then put in the centre of the bowl and coconut sugar and coconut milk was pour over. I love eating sago – so i can’t help it. and i basically love everything coconut. so hehe.. i like this dessert.

We also tried a new rice. They have normal steamed rice, nasi lemak (coconut rice) and nasi minyak (yellow rice).

Me and fish tried nasi minyak – which was translated as yellow rice – but it isn’t yellow. haha. we gathered that it was steamed with star anise at least – because we had bits of star anise (big ones – so they weren’t a problem). I was immediately afraid of it – that it might be too overpowering. but it wasn’t and it had a very nice fragrance to it which complemented well with the food we ate especially the curry i think.

BTW, Fifa world cup is starting soon! I’ll be watching!

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