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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mama Teresa Restaurant, Kensington.

So.. Mama Teresa has renovated and changed staff and this is the second time we’re there.

We like it. but we’re not in love with it.

Garlic Bread. Still good. I ate both. hehe. but i do prefer the older one. hmm…

Avocado Salad. Fish ate it all. i just stole some avocados. hehe.

My pasta carbonara. Nice.. but.. hmm.. i dunno.

Stuffed Mushrooms. Not too bad. but it was way overpriced. This was $14. even more expensive than my pasta. not worth it. we’re definitely not going to order this again.

This was good though. Fish ordered a medium well steak with a seeded mustard sauce with mushrooms and cream. The sauce was good and the veggies were lightly mixed in oil and garlic and herbs – i think.

Their pizza are good though. Fish ordered a simple bbq chicken pizza. The chicken was nicely marinated and it was soft and tender. Nice!

I like Mama.. but i have to say i do prefer the older restaurant. but the pizza is still good. =)

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