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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pepper Lunch!

When Pepper Lunch first opened in Singapore, i loved the whole idea of it. and since then, i’ve found my favourite and i’ve stuck to it. Beef Pepper Rice.

I’m not keen on the rest – although i do quite like the hamburger but i don’t like beansprouts.

So when i came to Sydney, i found a Pepper Lunch in the city – in a very convenient location.

I haven’t eaten it in a while, but a post by Weiliang in Facebook got me thinking about it again.

I’m not sure if the menu is the same as that in Singapore though.

But i ordered what i always would and over here, you can add an egg and cheese for $1.50 extra – it used to just be a $1 but they increased the price.

Yum yum yum. oh! and you can even upsize the rice for an extra $1.80 – i tried it once and boy it was a whole lot of food. haha. i would do it again if i were sharing it with hui.

and fish had their special – which is wagyu beef for $15.

Didn’t manage to get a good picture.. just loads of beansprouts. hehe

We also – rather, fish, likes their salad – which is quite cheap - $2 on some days. Today, fish decided to try the chicken salad. which i surprisingly good. The chicken was very tender and moist. I think we’ll definitely be ordering it with chicken again!

I like Pepper Lunch.

Homemade Curry Puffs coming up soon!

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