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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eveleigh Farmers' Market

When my parents came, it was the first saturday of the month, so we could choose to go to the Eveleigh Markets at Redfern or the Pyrmont Growers’ Market. It had been raining every single day that week and so i decided to go to Eveleigh Market since it is sheltered.

We drove to Locomotive Street at the Australian Technology Park. and parked there. They offer a free shuttle bus service to the Market from there. and so we found the bus stop – not too difficult.

The bus came relatively quickly. That morning, there was only one other lady at the bus stop.

and we’ve reached.

We bought some stuffs – ate a light lunch there, drank hot chocolate.

These are some of the stuffs we bought:

Zucchini and Almond Flats – these taste really good and don’t really any sauce to go with them since they are flavourful enough.

These dips are incredible. I love love love them. Both have olives in them. The Kalamata olive dip is purplish in colour and has a good amount of chunks of roughly chopped olives in it. It also has a very strong flavour. The green olives with artichokes is much milder but very delicious as well. I first tried this at the stall and they are really generous with the sample portions. I fell in love and bought the green olives. then i went back and saw this purple thing on top of a piece of bread, tried it and loved it. My dad loved it too so i bought 2 tubs, one for me and one for him to bring back to Singapore.

These dips have cream cheese as a base, so they are tangy and savoury.

I can’t decide which one i like better. I like both. They go really great with bread or just plain biscuits. I could just keep eating these all day long.

They don’t have an ultra long shelf life though. I was there early June and i don’t remember which one had an expiry date of 22nd June and 5th July. So you have to consume it diligently.

They’re not too expensive – i think it was $3.50 per tub. I saw it at a grocer at Randwick for $4.20 a tub and their expiry dates were nearer.

We also bought chorizos and bacon which fish loves. I have blogged about their Chorizos before. One of the best.

and we bought Black Angus Sirloin Steak – still in the freezer – not quite sure what to do with them yet.

I quite like it here. there are loads of dogs – and surprisingly, i wasn’t afraid that day – i think i was too busy looking at the stalls.

Instead of driving, you could sit a train to Redfern and walk there – and the shuttle bus does go by there to pick passengers – i think that’s a great idea.

I’ll be going to another farmers’ market soon, but i think most likely it would be the one at EQ – the first one i’ve ever been to.

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