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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Westfield Eastgardens is quite close to our place. Still requires a bus trip though.

It is a shopping centre in a suburb but it is a very comprehensive Westfield.

It has K-mart, Target, Myers, David Jones, Big W etc etc .. all the major departmental stores…

The only thing is. they don’t have a Greater Union cinema – otherwise known as Event Cinemas now. and there are a number of punk teenagers hanging around constantly. They also don’t close late on any other days but Thursdays.

But. we do quite love eating there.

Salsas is a relatively new Mexican fast food restaurant. and we really really like their fries. It’s usually freshly fried and doused in a mixture of spices which makes it different from Maccas etc. and i must have it with their chilli and lime dip.

Eastgardens has one of the best fish and chips. It was even better than a restaurant at Darling Harbour @ $25 a plate. A standard fish and chips at Eastgardens is $8. The fish is always fresh tasting. however, recently, i think there was a change in management and the fish is now always precooked. and they don’t fry it again when you order. It’s not cold but it’s no longer crispy. I don’t like the fries here much, since i have salsas, so i get either potato scallops and crabstick (which are the 2 things next to the fish). This also makes the price cheaper since i only want 1 or 2 potato scallops – i think they’re 50cents each. and the fish on its own is $4 i think.

This is what Fish likes. a big pile of food. from the Japanese stall. and when they’re closing – they are really generous. Very delicious too. something about those noodles just makes me salivate. yummo.

Typing this post makes me want to go eat again soon soon.

See ya there?

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