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Sunday, September 09, 2007


There are 2 cinemas that i've been to here. One is Hoyts and the other is Greater Union.

Movie tickets are more expensive in Australia as compared to Singapore, even though they have concession rates for students.

Hoyts is found in Eastgardens. It is $9 for students. The cinemas are free seating, you get to sit wherever you like. Although, the place is much dirtier and not as comfortable - but its acceptable. Adult priced tickets are $12.30 i think. We watched No reservations and Transformers here.

Greater Union is found in Bondi Junction. It is much prettier, much classier and has like GV, the Gold class - costs $36. The student tickets are $12.30. It is not free seating. You can buy tickets from booths which you can choose your seats, they have nice couple seats distributed across the whole cinema so unlike GV where it's only at the back. Me and Fish watched Bourne Ultimatium that day and we sat in a couple seat. It was wide and comfy and much cleaner. The atmosphere was much better too. So is the service.

At both places, they only have salty popcorn. No sweet - sorry to the sweet-toothed. It's really very salty. At Greater Union, there is donuts, fries, wedges etc..more selections.

Although shops close at 5pm, movies don't. The timings are very much like Singapore's with midnight show etc..

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