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Friday, September 21, 2007


I have never been an ultra social person or evn one that make friends easily. I guess this is like my biggest stumbling block in life. I have a great life, but at the same time, it is a greatly secluded one. I have my own circle of friends and i do think and regret that i did not try hard enough during my secondary school days and JC days. I have good friends and memories that i will always remember, but memories are just memories.

I remember the time in secondary school - that was like the best time ever. I liked my school - seriously - I had a great bunch of friends who i had fun with and will always remember - esp from 2/5 and Shi wei, yu ting, shan shan, hui fen etc..

I just hope that i might try harder and forge more relationships with good friends. Maybe i'm just troublesome, just irritating. HaHa..

I'm never as pretty as the next girl, never as smart, never as witty, never as sociable. But what to do? Tis me. - How sad, but oh how true.

I'm lucky for Fish, if not, can you imagine how lonely i would be here? =)

But i am thankful, for the friends i have had past, present and future.

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