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Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's weird.

It's weird. Maybe it's not like that - but if more people get the same feeling then it can't just be me..can it?

The thing about coming here is you get to see so many other asians who are here too and you see how people change. There are a lot of asians who have lived here very long and instead of getting discrimination from the locals - the australians, the discrimination actually comes from people of your own skin. They think they are superior just because they have been staying here for a long time and speak with an australian accent. It's weird. It made me more aware of my own roots and how i don't want to become like them. It's sad i think when people abandon their roots and become someone totally unlike them. It's weird.

Once, at Paddy's market at Chinatown where lots of tourists visit and buy stuffs there - it's like a huge pasar marlam (dunno how to spell). We went walking around and Fish was interested in samurai swords. There are a few stalls selling these swords and it was all asian owners. All of them had the same reaction when Fish enquired the price, with a woman being the most obvious. We waited a while as she was serving a caucasion couple. She looked really friendly and that's why we decided to ask her since we had bad experiences with the other stalls already. Once that couple left, she totally ignored us and looked away. When Fish called her, you should have seen her face, it was like a total 360 degree change. She was unwilling and very 'ugly'. We could have just been any other tourist, but the way she treated fellow asians was weird and i couldn't understand why.

Instead of the australians feeling superior towards us, it was instead our own asians who stayed there forever that these vibes were coming from.

It's weird.

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