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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rice Cooker Pasta

This is what me and fish and foggy had for dinner last last night. I realised that you can actually cook a lot more stuffs in the rice cooker than you think, This is Macaroni with Spag sauce with etc etc..


2 cups dried macaroni - 1 cup = 250ml
2 cups water
1 cup sauce - anyone of your favourite pasta sauce
olive oil
Cheese! - Any type- if you got the grated ones, good. If not, normal cheese cut up is great too - in fact i like it that way, musch more cheesy
Some extras if you wish - pepperoni

We grilled sausages and little snacks to go along too.


In the rice cooker, mine is a 5 cup capacity rice cooker.
Add everything in except the cheese. Push the button to cook and wait. When the light changes to warm, open and it should be perfect, not too wet, not too dry. You do want to be a little careful as it may start to brown at the bottom of the pot.

Mix it up, leave it to warm if you're not eating immediately or enjoy!

This is really really simple and all you have to wash are the plates and forks you use and the pot. No draining etc.

Although, my macaroni did come out a little softer than i would like, it doesn't really kill.

This makes for a quick and tasty meal.

You could use any other pasta, if its too long, just break it.

2 cups of pasta may seem awfully little - but trust me, 2 cups were just nice for me and Fish.

Let me know if anyone ever tries this! Hope you'll enjoy it!

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