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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Porridge in Rice Cooker

This is the Porridge that i created in the rice cooker today for lunch/dinner.

This is the final product.


1 cup of rice
4 cups of water/stock
3 cups of water/stock
Sesame Oil


This is very simple, just a little tiring
Wash the rice with water till nearly clear, then add 4 cups of water/stock.
On the rice cooker and let it boil.

To make the rice congee style, just stir and stir and stir - keep stiring - i believe this breaks down the rice thus making it thick and creamy.

When the water boils down and you feel that it is getting too thick, add more water. In total, throughout the whole cooking process, i left the lid off after it started boiling and just kept stirring and added 3 extra cups of water.

When the porridge cools down, it will get even thicker - so adding a little more water while its hot will help ensure that you get the correct consistency you like.

Also, to make it smoother, i added sesame oil while cooking it. Fish also added pre-fried shallots to the porridge while cooking as he wanted the onion flavour as well.

Then just cook and stir and cook and stir till you're happy. =)

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