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Sunday, November 04, 2007


I went shopping today with Fish and Louise. I shopped for lingerie and managed to buy a few that i really quite liked from Elle Macpherson and Pleasure State. We were in Bondi and so we walked around the whole day. Shoes in Sydney are quite expensive but i saw some that were nice in a shop but it was closed by the time we saw it - definitely going there again!

I'm thinking of cosmetics. Like...i'm 20 but i've never even tried anything on before. Really tempted to start trying - but just really simple elaborate stuffs. Considering and will see how it goes.

We went Ramen Kan for dinner. Really good. Today i felt like eating rice so i ate the Salmon don. Grilled salmon with rice and miso soup and salad. Their tartar sauce was amazing! I asked for seconds. It was not like the western one. It has finely chopped eggs in it and i don't know what else but it tasted really really good. The fish was quite good too..although Fish prefers the salmon teriyaki from Iciban Boshi in Singapore.

Tired day though with all the walking. HaHa..

Shopping Shopping..

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