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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am so pissed! don't wanna know how pissed i am at my laptop. It is OLD, cranky and unlovable anymore.

I really want to change to a tablet PC. It has been something on my mind for a long time and there are times where i get persuaded into thinking that..i really don't need a tablet. BUT! This is a classic example of a time where i really want one. I don't know if anyone faces this problem. Here i am doing research for my essay. The pdf file is 30 pages long - i am so not going to print that out. I need to highlight or write SOMETHING on this piece of article and acrobat reader refuses to allow me to do anything like that. So..what do i do? I am so pissed..i really don't know.
I guess maybe on a normal laptop, i could use Microsoft Onenote as well. BUT BUT.. th conveniences of being able to write and work directly without the limitations of mechanical pointers.. I don't know.

This laptop is playing games with me now. It likes to sudden appear a blue screen and restart me comp. WHAT?! never mind. I WAIT. then it happens AGAIN! it's not "feeling" me - you know what i mean? I think it has maybe almost transcended into a stage where it works better as a pillow instead. I'M TRYING TO DO AN ESSAY! oh geezz..

I'm tired, maybe i SHOULD try the pillow thing. *Yawn*

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