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Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday at City

On Saturday, Fish, Louise and me went to the City. It only takes a quick direct bus to get to the city quite quickly. It is near Hyde park which is awfully pretty..didn't manage to get pictures though, will take some the next time i'm there.

Our mission was to go to Myer and buy a mini oven. We have been eating a lot of microwave food and cup noodles that i'm quite sick of. So, we decided to get an oven - which costs $60. Fish paid for it. He also bought me a small surprise when we were shopping around. He bought me a Jamie Oliver 'Flavour Shaker'! HaHa..took a picture of it, will post it later as i'm in school now.

So we went shopping for clothes first. Myer is like Singapore's Takashimaya. Smaller i think but much more organized. I didn't manage to find anything much that i liked, so i didn't buy any clothes, Louise bought quite a lot though. We walked around the whole place - Pitt street, George Street.

At QVB (Queen Victoria Building), we went into this liquor store which is very much a novelty idea. We tried different liquors like - Blackcurrant Vodka, Pink Peach Schapps (dunno how to spell) and one that we didn't buy, but was really really good is their Cognac and Walnut. Since we bought 2 bottles, which was on offer for $10 each, after finishing, we are able to bring back the bottle and get a refill on any liquor for $8. I think my dad will like the Cognac and Walnut - in fact i think everyone would. Its their best seller. I will post the pictures when i manage to..hahaha

The good thing about them closing at 5pm is that we get to buy cheap dinner before going home, cause the vendors want to clear their food, they sell different boxes of food for only $4. Which is really quite cheap.

So we went home, didn't buy dinner on this particular day. We set up the oven and since we had 2 pies in the fridge, we tried the oven and ate cup noodles and a pie each. I couldn't finish mine though.

Then i went home, and it's time for bed.. =)

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