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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School today.. was confusing. First, i was supposed to meet Fish at the Biomed Theatre, but he went and accidently locked his phone and had no idea what the PIN number is. So..i couldn't contact him...i waited a while outside the theatre and seeing that it was a little late, i decided to go in first, crossing my fingers that he would come into the theatre himself. BUT..he didn't and so..i was in my Management lecture myself and he, outside sitting by himself..though there were some positive sides to it - i managed to concentrate during lecture and him - getting his readings done. =)

Then the last lesson which is Philosophy tutorial from 3-4pm was confusing. Today was talking about arguments - what makes a argument sound or valid? So how we test an argument as valid or not? it made me awfully confused. Try this: Only artists are creative.Therefore, all artists are creative. Is this a valid argument? I think the answer was no..but as the lesson went got more and more until now..i don't think i have the answer as yet..but i will let you know if i ever manage to get the right answer. =) i'm sitting at my table, doing my Linguistics tutorial for tomorrow. We're doing Speech Acts and Conversation and have just started on Language Universals and language typology. Yay! Can't wait. Linguistics really quite fun and very informative. I LIKE!

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