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Friday, August 31, 2007

A Friday

Today was...good

I was actually tired when i slept last night and had no trouble sleeping at all! I had a few nights of tough sleep..couldn't get to bed.

We had lunch with Louise at a Chinese restaurant across the road which was really quite nice. It was cheaper than the Golden Kingdom restaurant downstairs - which is really really good - maybe even better - but cause its at a more prime location, its more expensive. Though we always order take aways from there as its a 20% discount and the waiters are very nice.

The new place we went to is called Sun Sung Restaurant which we found out that they do home delivery as well!

So..we then decided to go to Bondi Junction and we bought a cheap rice cooker today from Myers which costed $34.95 before discount and since they were having a 10% discount on their small electronic appliances, we got it for $31.95. Louise bought one too! So we can cook rice and get delivery for freshly cooked chinese food! We had a very good lunch today.

Louise was looking for a new bag as her zip came off..looked at a lot and finally found one at Espirit. I saw a beautiful beautiful jacket from Lacoste. I took a picture of it actually...but it costs 400 and its in bright pink which is very very nice though..AHH

Oh..and i'm uploading all my pictures from my handphone..will show you guys in the next post..which..will happen now.. =) See ya!

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