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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinner dinner and more dinner…

Well..we’re very much into cooking our dinners these days and here’s what we had for the past 2 days!

Days Days Ago

We cooked chicken bake rice. Using a can of Campbell’s Chicken Soup. Smoked Chicken. Corn Kernels. Bits of Carrots. Herbs. Seasoning. Breadcrumbs.



We had a relatively not so healthy meal. We had baked beans fried with spam and corn kernels.


I also cooked a simple soup with just corn and carrots. It was naturally sweet and relatively nice and light.


And..homemade roasted potato chips!

DSC01151 DSC01163

Just these with plain rice cooked in our new rice cooker!


Today was a little more elaborate. Fish marinated chicken thighs and we roasted them in the oven.


We had loads of potatoes left over from we roasted them today.


Since we also had carrots left over from yesterday, Fish roasted them with small tomatoes and marinated them with Italian vinaigrette.


The chicken was relatively moist and had a real good flavour. We reckon that tonight’s dinner only costs us around $10. Also, we weren’t tooooo full.

I made barley water too!


Have a great dinner!

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