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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi Guys…sorry for not posting in such a long long time.

Well…i came back to Sydney on the 13th July. This is the first week of uni.

I’ve not been cooking a lot…just a little. I cooked my favourite dessert – Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Cream! I really like to eat it in Singapore and found it amazingly simple to cook at home and tastes really really great too! I have pictures etc..but i will share the recipe and pics the next post!

I watched Harry Potter yesterday with Fish. It was dark..brooding..and you could really see the characters developing and mysteries deepening. The love relationship between Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny. What really intrigues me is Professor Snape. He’s quite a complex character – we’ve drawn conclusions that he must have been forced by Dumbledore to associate himself with Voldemort and kill Dumbledore to save Draco Malfoy from turning evil. (Well…i’m saying all these without reading the last 3 =)

Today was a really comfy day to sleep in..and i had a nice awakening from Fish when he barged in and woke me up loudly declaring that he has bought my favourite foods for lunch..haha.. its Portugali by the way. Best morning/afternoon ever!

I’ve recently also spent a little money on books purchased from Bought some chinese cookbooks and Xiao Jing Teng’s latest album from there. Their prices i find are relatively reasonable – at least the cookbooks are cheaper than if i were to buy from kinokuniya here in sydney.

I have also been really really really trying to find pandan leaves or essence here. They are really really hard to come by. If anyone has any idea at all where i can find pandan leaves or essence – please tell me! I’ve found pandan paste in brillant blue! I’m so not using that!

Well…i think that’s all for now.. Bye! Leaving you guys a quote:

男女平等 – taken from 文化中国 ‘老子的智慧人生’




- 赵启光教授

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