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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I’m back!


I’m back after a very long break. I’m back in Sydney for my masters.

Holiday in Singapore was… good. Had to work, got a new oven (i can’t even bear to look at the oven we have here in sydney after getting the Gagganau).

but now, i’m back and will blog more often. :)

Let’s review a little about what happened in Singapore.

We had another laska party!

Delicious! Made with Prima Taste Laska Paste. Added more onions and dried shrimp.

I also made more brownies before coming back to Sydney!

A little more cracked on the top but delicious all the same.

I also made it in a rectangular dish since my relatives were going to have a gathering at my house the day after i left. and it looked like a volcano. haha.

Cool eh. It will flatten down when it cools.


My mum has been going for vegetarian cooking class at the same place where we take guzheng classes. One of her first dishes she learnt was to make 发糕. So since it was chinese new year and we had to pray, so we made up a batch of coconut 发糕 – a big one and many small cute ones. :)

Dinner one night with just me and feng guang. so i cooked up a simple fried tofu with leeks and kaarage chicken!

The chicken was great. Only thing is that i should have added a lot more ginger and garlic. Yum Yum. Have already bought chicken thigh to make this soon soon! :)

I made cookies too! This is a delicious delicious peanut butter soft chewy cookie. What’s with the cracks? Can you see the chocolate oozing between the cracks? hehe.

ohhh… how pretty is this… i wish i could bring this oven over with me!

Other than these pictures.. i still have some more about places that me and fish and his family and my family (in different combinations)..

This is all for now though! :)

O week starts tomorrow so i’ll be going to join in the fun!

Foggy says hi!

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