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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

abcafe. kingsford.

Ooooo.. i just realized that i forgot to blog about ab cafe. one of our current favourite places for dessert.

It’s a short little walk from our home and it has a really warm feel to it – which i really like.

It has sofas, but we’ve never sat on them – always just tables and chairs.

the guy is always the same 2 guys. i should think they run the place. but it seems like at night (which is when we go), it’s always manned by the same guy.

They had waffles. which is what drawn us in the first place. but we’ve found many little gems since then.

Instead of waffles now, fish enjoys a good plate of pancakes with expresso ice-cream.

He loves it. that’s exactly what he eats every single time.

As for me, the guy recommended a panna cotta that is made in-house. and i love it. it’s not too sweet plus the tartness of the fruits are awesome.

one thing though. the second time i ate this. there were much less berries. still nice though. the syrup has a hint of red wine. i really like this.

Another time, when they ran out, he recommended a mixed berry cheesecake. it was heavenly. It was light. the biscuit bottom was delicious and the berries were perfect with it. About 1/3 into my cheesecake. i declared to fish. ‘my birthday cake' it has to be. it’s awesome, it’s so light, i could keep eating it all day long.

Shi hui has found a favourite drink (i don’t have a pic of it though). it’s green tea frappe. She loves it. it tastes great.

though. the second time we were there, it was nearly closing time, so i guess it was a little rush, but her drink wasn’t (i dunno what the word is – ah – blended) well. There were still ice cubes in it. She still did enjoy her drink though.

hmm… what else.

yup. the banana smoothie was good. fresh bananas. great tasting, nice thickness and richness and the sweetness was just right.

They serve a good range of ice cream flavours too – i don’t think they make it themselves. Fish likes the expresso with his pancakes. I actually quite like the … i think it’s vanilla with brownies.. or something like that. The black glutinous rice ice cream is not though, if you’ve ever ate the real thing, this is not going to satisfy. at all. the black sesame is not too bad.

well.. this is all i can think of at the moment.

we’re really busy with uni these days so we haven’t been there in a while. we walked there last sat but they were closed. we shall try again sometime soon!

yummy desserts!

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