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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dinner at the Soup Restaurant 三盅两件

Recently, me and fish had dinner at the Soup Restaurant and we have not eaten there in a long time, so one day, we decided to try it.

We had a 2 person set meal which consisted of soup, samui chicken, vegetable (we requested the dang gui kai lan), hometown tofu, olive rice and dessert.

It was all great.

First, the chicken came.


It was succulent and delicious with the ginger oil mixture. Yummy! I preferred the chicken breast to the thigh though. The breast was still soft and moist. The thigh however, i felt were a little bloody and tasted too much of raw chicken – though i'm sure it was cooked though. So 10/10 for the breast meat!


Then we had the Hometown Tofu. It was delicious, although i felt the sauce was slightly too salty and the 'skin' of the tofu a little too thick. but nonetheless, i liked it.


The menu actually came with sweet potato leaves instead but upon fish's insistence, we changed it to this Dang Gui Kai Lan instead, and it was a good choice. I really liked the herbal flavour of the dish and the best thing was that it was mostly leaves and they didn't give a whole load of stems, which i wouldn't have liked. This was really nice.


We then had olive rice to go with the dishes. As much as i love olive rice, i think maybe the combination of the samui chicken's ginger oil and the oilness of the olive rice made it a little too oily. It was still delicious, don't get me wrong, but maybe plain rice might be better? Though i know i will always be tempted to order olive rice since i love eating olive rice.

This was a filling dinner. but oh so delicious and satisfying. Can't wait to go back and eat again!

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