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Monday, April 06, 2009


Hello Peepz…Okay, this will be a concise pictorial update of everything that happened.


Me and Hui’s new water bottle! Look it at but i didn’t order it there because it was more expensive as compared to so i ordered from greenfeet instead. The blue one is Shi Hui’s and the the black one is mine. i ordered our caps to be stainless steel instead of plastic – it’s easier to wash and maintain.

I baked cookies! It’s just a simple cookie with chocolate chips. The next time i make cookies will be using Nigella’s recipe which is ultra-chocolatey. I will post the recipe and pictures of that when i do. =)

Fish was really sweet and made a wonderful dinner one night. We had left over chicken rice so Fish made a baked rice with corn kernels and smoked chicken. There was no sauce which worked perfectly because the rice was overcooked – it was soft and mushy – which worked really really well in this dish. Thank you Fishie!


This was what i made for tonight’s dinner. We had pork mince in the fridge and by chance watching a cooking show yesterday gave me inspiration to cook this tonight. Wontons. Not fried and not boiled.

Wontons are easy easy to make. I bought store bought wonton skins. So i had pork mince, diced shallots(onions), fresh shitake mushrooms (although i do think that dried shitake mushrooms would have been much better), oyster sauce, sesame oil, soya sauce, ground white pepper etc.. Then i just wrapped it very simply as you can see from the picture.

It is cooked in guotie style.


I needed to use a frying pan that has a lid which i don’t have. So, i used a korean pot instead. First, place the meat side down and just let it fry without touching it. When i see that the bottom has browned, i add water (which was just nice warm/hot – i guess it could be just normal room temperature water) to around 1/3-1/2 of the height of the wontons. The wontons will be done once the water has completely evaporated off. The tips of the wontons might just be a little hard because the water doesn’t touch the tips but it wasn’t a big problem. It still tasted really good. Fish makes his great dipping sauce to go with the wontons which tastes really good but i have no idea how it is made. HaHa.. Anyway, i’ve realised that wontons are really easy and really nice to eat – we basically just had a little noodles with wontons.

It was also nearly just nice – for the amount of pork we used was just nice for one pack of wonton wrappers. I am not totally sure how many i made – i think its around 40-50 wontons.

There’s one more important important thing which i did not take pictures of – i will later. I bought Lunapads – washable pantyliners which i have really really grown fond of. I thought the washing part might really put me off, but seriously, i’ve grown so used to it – i have a small pail in the toilet where i soak the pads overnight and a towel rack where i hang them to dry. They are really comfy and though they may seem a little expensive – they have be used up to 5-10years which makes them extremely cost effective and natural and environmentally friendly. So girls, or boyfriends, take a look at the website, i hope that some of you might take a plunge and try! I took 2 years to finally buy it this year.

That’s it for now! Lunapads pictures coming up next!

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