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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hungry for…..Chicken Parmigiana!

Tonight’s dinner was relatively quick but much washing up and trouble.


DSC01278                            Not the prettiest picture – i know..haha

Ok..Here the recipe goes..Really simple.

Ingredients (Serves 3)

600gm Chicken Breast
1 jar of Bertoli Grilled Summer Vegetables Pasta Sauce
Mozzarella (As much or as little as you like – Fresh, packaged..whatever)
1 egg
Panko Breadcrumbs


The chicken breasts i bough were from Lilydale – Free Range Chickens. There were 2 breasts but they were relatively large and fat so i sliced each into half and got Fish to pound them to thin the breasts out.

In a baking dish, pour the jar of sauce into it and even it out.

In 2 shallow dishes, crack an egg in one and the breadcrumbs in the other. First, i seasoned the chicken with just salt and pepper. Heating an amount of oil in the frying pan, then taking a piece of chicken, dipping it in the egg then the panko breadcrumbs then into the hot pan. Do this with each slice of chicken. When they’re cooked, place them into the baking dish on top of the sauce – overlapping if necessary.

Easiest part – Sprinkle as much mozzarella as you like over the top and send it into the oven on around 220 degrees for around 10 minutes – till the top cheese is bubbly and brown and the sauce bubbles a little.


To go with this, and since i had a few potatoes lying around – i had brushed potatoes which means it came with soil on it – so i washed it all yesterday and peeled off the skins.

I decided to make wedges.


These are really simple too. I just sliced the potatoes into wedges, rubbed chilli powder, BBQ seasoning, salt and pepper and olive oil onto them, then into the oven they go around 220 degrees for around 20 minutes or so. I think i added too much chilli powder..haha..

Have Fun Cooking and Eating!

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