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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rice-Cooker Claypot Rice, Scones & Chendol

Tonight’s dinner was Claypot Rice!

It was using a recipe that came with my rice cooker’s manual. The rice cooker that i have here in Sydney is the exact same one as the one back in Singapore.

A few days ago, my dad told me about him cooking claypot rice and tasted good. So, today after thinking for eternity, claypot rice came to my mind.


Basically, it makes use of the casserole setting on the rice cooker.


Wash 3 cups of rice and start cooking it.

Sliced 300gm chicken breasts/thighs – we marinated it in soya sauce, oyster sauce, cooking sake, a little sugar, sesame oil and white pepper.

Sliced 120gm of lup cheong (dried sausages) – don’t slice tooo thinly because they shrink. Also this way too little, next time i will use 200gm instead

Sliced ginger – also don’t slice thinly esp if you don’t like biting into ginger because they shrink

2 cloves of crushed garlic

  • When the rice cooks and beeps, it is the sign to add the ingredients in. I added the ginger and garlic and lup cheong to form the first layer. After that, i added the marinated chicken all over on top. Also, fish said to add more oil, so i added ard 2 tbsp of olive oil. Then continue the cooking process.


We had no vegetables to add to the claypot rice so i just steamed a bowl of corn kernels while cooking the main dish. 

This was my bowl after adding dark soya sauce and a little more olive oil. On the top left hand corner, fish made a dipping sauce for the chicken. He’s just really good at making sauces.

It was good, nice and really quite delicious. We finished it all up and had brownies with ice cream for desert.

I made scones or otherwise called biscuits. They were really nice and tasted good though i really have to make these again. I’ll try it again with buttermilk and use lesser baking powder.

Guess what’s this?! A huge lump of coconut sugar. We had a huge huge pack of coconut milk and decided that we shall make chendol. I melted the coconut sugar with a little water and while melting, i cooked red beans in water and some of the coconut sugar. After that, i also marinated the red beans in coconut sugar.

This was our dinner – i think last friday. It was just a simple simple dinner of baked beans, fried spam, leftover soup and onion egg. The three of us LOVE fried onion eggs.

After cooking onion eggs a few times, i’ve realised that the best onions to use and still the big brown onions. I tried it with big red onions which work as well but the onions when cooked tend to turn grayish – so i still prefer using the brown onions. Also, it requires an amount of oil.

Firstly, i fry the onions in oil with a little salt and let it sweat and softened and brown a little. In the eggs, add a good amount of soya sauce. Then just pour the beaten eggs over the onions and wait till it fries and browns – the difficult part comes in the turning of the eggs!

Anyway, i really had fun making all these dishes and sometimes it really is very difficult in thinking of dishes to cook for dinner. Hope you guys are having a way easier time!

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