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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fried Rice and Dumplings


Well…2 days ago, i made dumplings again! They are so easy and yet tasty! This time, i added more to the mince meat – i added dried shitake mushrooms, a little onions and chinese cabbage.

The end result is still very very very tasty!


I really like the way i am cooking these dumplings and the cooking method is improving all the time. I fry them first to brown, then i add water to cover around half of the dumplings. Cover the lid and let the water cook off and when the water disappears, the bottoms starts to fry again till it crisps up. Delish!

Today, i made dinner all by myself. I decided i will make fried rice since we had leftover rice. I did cook another 2 cups of rice and added 1 cup of the cooked rice to the leftover rice – which i think would total ard 2 cups.

I had so many ingredients to use around the house. This was also the first and best time so far i have ever made fried rice.


I added vegetable tofu (the one i blogged about before), crabsticks (my favourite!), smoked chicken (fish’s favourite), green beans, corn kernels and eggs.

It was wonderful. This dish just reaffirmed how great the veggies here are. I almost forgot about the green beans. I think they were left sitting in the fridge for about 2 weeks, but….the sweetness of the beans are unbelievable! I kept thinking if i had too much corn in there because of the sweetness i was biting into when i realised that it was the green beans that were as sweet as the corn! It was wonderful. I should have added more green beans. I think we’re gonna have green beans on the menu soon.

I think i will cook them with a familiar sauce – not 100% sure on how to cook the sauce. I do know that it includes onions and soy sauce. I think the sweetness and saltiness of the sauce would go perfect with the green beans!

The fear of cooking fried rice – not really a fear – but there’s this problem with getting the eggs right. This time, it absolutely worked.

I used 3 jumbo eggs.

I fried the ingredients on their own first. Then removed them and added the garlic.

The only thing with fried rice is that (i think), it requires an amount of oil. I fried the garlic then added the rice. When all is mixed well, i added the beaten eggs all over the rice, let it set for just a little – while placing the bowl into the sink. Then just start stirring and flipping – the trick that i’ve heard before is to try to get the eggs to coat every single grain of rice – which i think i have nearly achieved.

I seasoned the eggs. But after adding all the ingredients etc.. i added oyster sauce and soy sauce to the rice – more oyster sauce.

It was delicious! I was so apprehensive about it cause i’ve never really cooked a good fried rice – but i think i might have just learnt it.

Another really good thing i’ve realised. Garlic Rice. I was frying the garlic with the rice when i realised just how fragrant it is.

I have leftover rice in the rice cooker – i guess you all know what i’m having for lunch tomorrow!

I hope you guys had a great dinner too!

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