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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday etc Wishes!

Ok.. i know my birthday not coming for a long time, still.. i already have a list of things that i really really need and want! In order of importance:



A set (i’ll settle for even just one knife) of knives. I finally truly understand the frustrations of a bad blunt knife. We have 3 knives in the kitchen. 2 bought from a supermarket and one from a dollar shop. Guess what? The best one is from the dollar shop. It is small but so much sharper than the other 2. However, it is a small knife that we have been using for 2 years, so i think it’s blunt and because of its size, it makes it difficult to cut bigger items. I made a pumpkin and sweet potato soup today. It was way tough to cut though the tough fibrous vegetables. I swear i will never make pumpkin soup again till i get a knife that does the work better.

Isn’t the set of knives in the picture just beautiful?! It’s from the brand ‘Wusthof’ and costs AUD$1039! Not that i want this – but it looks just really really really pretty and it helps that the brand is reputable too!

I’m actually quite interested in one of those Japanese ceramic knives – anyone has had any experience with them?



A HUGE bowl. I think it’s so essential in every kitchen to have a humongous bowl. I bought two large bowls from Miracle (the asian supermart) – it’s the cheapest if you don’t mind the chinna look of it. I think i’ve found a set of bowls from Myers that i might like. It’s not toooo expensive (AUD$59.90) and it’s made of melamine and they are heavy and sturdy. Plus, they are colourful! Also, Myers always has offers and discounts – so i’m sure we can get it even cheaper.

What i was looking in Myers doesn’t look like that – i’ll take a picture if i ever buy it. =)



A standing mixer. I really wanted to bring one from Singapore but it was troublesome etc etc. I don’t need a KitchenAid (although i do forsee one in the far future) but i do want a good, inexpensive standing mixer. However, there’s always the issue with, i’m not going to be here forever and we already have a lot of kitchen equipment – is it really necessary to buy? I don’t know and i couldn’t bring myself to buy it – that’s why it is in the wishlist.

Well…these are basically all that i can think of for now. I’ll let you guys know if i ever have more to add (maybe i should put a column at the sidebar) and if i ever ever ever get one of those. =)

Have fun peeps. By the way, with reference to the pumpkin and sweet potato soup, it didn’t turn out a 100% so i’m not going to blog about it – but other than the chopping part – it is really easy to make. =)

Oh! I think i will be making teriyaki chicken tomorrow for dinner. Making my own teriyaki sauce – i read and think that it is kinda simple – just mirin, sugar and sauce sauce but i will add sake – cause we just LOVE it! I just bought a big bottle of cooking sake yesterday in case the small one we have ever runs out. HeHe.. =) Most likely will blog about that! Sayonara!

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