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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Well..this week i bought a few just consolidating them all here.

I’m into the whole online ordering of fresh veggies and fruits. I ordered mine from

This is my second order.


The first time, i ordered a standard box ($60) – but we found it a little too big and too much for us. So, this time i ordered the movers box ($48)– which is slightly smaller and i think just the right size for us.

It comes delivered to my door on Thursdays and i have to order it before 4pm on Wed.

The veggies and fruits are really really fresh and so could last longer than those bought from the supermarket. I am able to customize my box. So i could say what veggies and fruits i absolutely want and what i don’t want and then they will fill the box up with whatever that is fresh that day. They buy the veggies and fruits the very morning (Thurs).

For now, i am really quite happy with this service. I have yet to calculate if it has proven savings over purchasing from the supermarket. But a sure thing is that, if they didn’t deliver those veggies, we will hardly buy them to cook. That’s for sure.

DSC01319 DSC01322
This is our favourite tofu which we always buy in Singapore – tastes really good in steamboat. It is vegetarian. I managed to find it here in Miracle Supermarket in World Square. Happy Happy!

I LOVE MYERS! They are always having great sales! Today, for Mother’s Day, they had loads of sales going on but the one that caught my interest is 40% discount for Nigella cooking books.



So, i bought “How to eat” which usually costs AUD$59.90 but today it costs only AUD$35.95!

I found the other book on the left which has recipes for basic foods which i think might be helpful and interesting. It’s original price is AUD$35 but today it costs AUD$22.75!

Total, i spent AUD$58.70 which is even cheaper than if i just bought the Nigella book at its original price! Way happy!

I had to rush my essay the night before and so i didn’t get any sleep. In the morning, my darling Fish cooked breakfast for me. I had 2 slices of bread (which is a new brand that he bought and we like it a lot) with butter and he fried me 2 egg whites with mozzarella cheese in the middle. To top it off, a glass of hot milo! It was lovely! Thank you darling! =)

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