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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mama Teresa, Kensington

Mama Teresa is the only Italian restaurant that i’ve been to here in Sydney and it is definitely not the best, but it has its qualities that make me keep wanting to return.

We had dinner there tonight and this is what we had. Oh, i forgot to take a picture of my favourite item on the menu. GARLIC BREAD. I love their garlic bread, though personally, i would love it even more if it had more garlic (i am a garlic lover). If i am not wrong, their bread is baked fresh.

They have a specials menu written out in big chalkboards that they bring around the restaurant to new diners. I love looking at it for new stuff to try. However, the stuffs on the specials board are usually more expensive as compared to the menu. Today, they had a pea and ham soup which we tried and quite loved.

I had the “penne salmone” special which costs $20.80 (a little on the expensive side – but once in a while…)

DSC01425 It was a tomato based sauce with pine nuts and real tomatoes in it. It also had a liberal amount of cooked smoked salmon. It was good. but… sometimes i think i’m really an idiot. I am not a huge fan of ingredients. I am a carbohydrate girl! I attacked the penne first and then i realised i was left with a lot of salmon which i conveniently passed onto shi hui. Next time, i’ll order my favourite and show it to you guys. =)

Shi Hui had a rack of lamb which also costs $20.80

Well, me and fish don’t eat lamb but hui really liked it – so i can’t really say much about it. Oh! and i think there was a herb crust on it as well. She did mention that she still preferred the lamb at Monarca – the other Italian place which we really liked – but they have already closed down. Their carbonara was the best!

Fish had a tortellini boscaiola.

Wasn’t too bad. But fish is on a nearly vegetarian diet because his stomach has been working up and causing him grief, so he left majority of the bacon on the plate.

So, if you guys wanna try this place – give it a go. Get takeaway first if you wanna try – their takeaway menu is cheaper. =)

I will be back with more pictures when i return to mama teresa again!

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